5 Reasons Why the Uber Boston Community Is Thankful

There are many reasons to give thanks. This time of year, we gather with loved ones to express gratitude and celebrate tradition over full plates. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the Uber Boston team and driver-partners would like to share why we are thankful.

1. The Family We Cherish

“I’m thankful for being alive and having such a great family who loves me. I’m thankful for being part of the Uber family as well. And I’m glad to be able to provide such great rides to my dear riders every day!”

“I’m giving thanks for life, my family, and being able to provide for them any way possible!”

“I’m thankful that I can see my two boys thrive both socially and academically. Thanks to Uber I am able to provide for them.”

“I came from Brazil 26 years ago. I have a beautiful family and can now be at home with them and an Uber driver-partner. Meeting so many wonderful people makes my life even better and I’m so grateful.”

“I moved to Boston about a year ago. Being away from my family back home, I’m thankful for the family I’ve made here in Boston and at Uber.”

2. The Friends We Make Each Day

“I am so thankful for the opportunity that Uber has given me to meet different people of different cultures.”

“I’m thankful because Uber has let me meet good Bostonians every day who are really happy with the service I provide.”

“I am thankful for the support from the Uber team and encouragement that makes it a blessing to serve my riders and make new friends.”

“I’m thankful to have been born in the greatest country in the world, the United States of America, and this year, I’m grateful to Uber for giving me the opportunity to meet hundreds of wonderful people and also be my own boss.”

“This has been a rough year and without my friends, I wouldn’t have made it!”

3. The Service We Give and Receive

“I’m thankful to Uber and Uber riders for giving me an opportunity to serve.”

“I give thanks for the opportunity to unfold my true nature through the people of my city.”

“I’m thankful because I’m working with good people and serving a great community!”

The Uber Boston team and driver-partners volunteering to help The Greater Boston Food Bank prepare for Thanksgiving

The Uber Boston team and driver-partners volunteering at The Greater Boston Food Bank to help prepare for Thanksgiving food distribution

4. The Support of the Uber Community

“I’m grateful for all the driver-partners who make my day brighter through a friendly greeting, casual banter, or a fun playlist.”

“I am a single dad of two little girls. Uber provided me with a perfect work schedule so I can still be a full-time parent and provide for my family. For that I am always going to be thankful.”

“Uber has given me the freedom to travel the world, be myself, and introduced me to my fiancé!”

“Uber has enabled me to go back to school and also take care of my son. Without this partnership, I would not have been able to achieve this!”

“I’m grateful that Uber gave me an opportunity when I really needed it the most especially through a difficult transition.”

5. The Freedom to Pursue Our Dreams

“I am thankful for the goals I’ve achieved since joining Uber as a driver-partner.”

“I am thankful for my family and my freedom and those who protect both.”

“I’m thankful that Uber gave me a rewarding opportunity to not only earn a living, but have the chance to achieve more.”

“I have all the time I want to spend with my 9-month old baby girl. And yet I can make enough to take care of her needs.”

“I have a roof over my head, enough food to eat, and freedom of speech. Today I give thanks to God for keeping me alive.”

We feel blessed to belong to the Uber Boston community. As we celebrate the holidays in this great city, we give thanks for our many gifts from family and friendship to service and freedom. May you and those you love have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

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