Uber Loves Baltimore – We’re Ready to Get Serious!


UberLove is in the air! And it’s not because Valentine’s Day is two weeks away.

Baltimore, we know you’ve been checking us out and now it feels good to be getting serious! No really, we mean that. Over the past year, thousands of Baltimoreans have been looking for Ubers in their city, checking out if we’re in town.  After secret Uber’s hit the road just a couple of weeks ago, and our first rider was Scott Burkholder of the Baltimore Love Project, we’ve been tweaking and testing and are now making it official!

So why do with think Baltimoreans are going to love us too? Let me lay out why we think we’re meant to be:

  • You’re super dedicated to your teams. No need to ruin an O’s victory or a trip to a Ravens game (GO PURPLE!) with a transit headache. Need someone to navigate the roadblocks for you? Need a ride home after celebrating a victory in Fed Hill? We’ve got you covered.
  • Don’t want to brave the elements alone?  Whether its one of the many 90 degree 80% humidity days, or one of those “wintery mix days,” we’ll have a comfortable ride waiting for you just a finger tap away.
  • Baltimore is about community, people and neighborhoods. Fells with old taverns and cobblestone streets by the water. Mt. Vernon with it’s creative, artistic flare.  Hampden with its many mills turned new businesses. We’ll help connect these communities in a modern and efficient way.
  • You’ve got strong roots. You have maintained that down-to-earth, reliable, honest ethos, but you’ve transformed into a creative and innovative city. Some of the best art and design schools in the country are in Mt. Vernon. Tech innovation is vibrant and investment is coming to Baltimore. World-class medical research goes on every day in the city. And at Uber, we’re not that different.  We pride ourselves on our reliability, our efficiency, and using some downright awesome data to make sure you get everywhere you need to go in the most safe, modern, reliable way.

We’re a Safe, Modern, Reliable, and Honest Transportation Alternative

Now that we’re here, don’t attempt the 3+ mile walk around the harbor, or wait for a water taxi, or worry about finding parking in Federal Hill.  Follow these three easy steps:

  • Pop open your Uber app and within minutes your private driver will show up.
  • Receive a notification when your vehicle is arriving, minimizing the time spent in the cold or sticky humidity.
  • At the end of the trip, step out of the car and get on your merry way. No tip required. No hassling over the cost, or whether your driver has change, and your receipt is emailed to you instantly.

Haven’t hopped in an Uber yet? Use promo code: BMORELAUNCH for $20 off your first ride in Charm City.  Good for new riders only, in the month of February. And once you ride, let us know what you think!  We’d love to hear from you, so send us your thoughts at supportbaltimore@uber.com.

Here’s our proposal Baltimore, let’s stay together for a long time. We may have an image of being classy and high end to some people, but really we’re Everyone’s Private Driver. And as you know so well, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Dive in and experience it!

Team Uber Baltimore

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