Reliability Across Baltimore and Beyond

Transforming transportation in Maryland is about more than just pushing a button and getting a ride quickly; it’s about expanding that reliability as far and wide as possible. No matter where you’re headed, we believe that an affordable, safe, and reliable ride should be accessible to everyone, everywhere.

We looked at the data to see exactly what kind of impact Uber is making in areas historically underserved by taxis and mass transportation.

Over 1/5 of Uber Rides Start in West Baltimore and the Surrounding Areas

baltimore_underserved-01 (1)

Fig. 1 Map of areas that are underserved by traditional transportation options. 23% of Uber trips in September 2015 began in these neighborhoods.

We envision a day when transportation is as reliable as running water, everywhere, for everyone. That means that no matter the color of your skin or how much money you have, safe rides are affordable and reliable with Uber. Data like this proves that each month we’re getting closer and closer to realizing that vision.

Uber Serves More Than Just Downtown Baltimore

baltimore_heat_map-01 (1)

Fig. 2 Each zip code area is color coded, representing the magnitude of Uber trips in September 2015

As you can see from the map, getting a reliable ride is no longer just a city thing. All over Baltimore and the surrounding suburbs, transportation is becoming more and more seamless with each passing month. In fact, in September of 2015, nearly every zip code inside the beltway was served as reliably as downtown Baltimore.

Part of the reason that Uber is able to extend its reach so far into traditionally underserved areas is that drivers from all over Maryland are able to partner with us and go online, offering rides whenever they want.

Drivers across Maryland Partner with Uber

baltimore_drivers_by_zip-01 (1)

Fig. 3 Each zip code area is color coded, representing the number of partners who list an address there.

We routinely hear from our driver-partners that one of their favorite aspects of Uber is the ability to serve their local communities, offering a safe and reliable transportation option that didn’t exist just a few short years ago.

I drive everywhere, but I actually prefer driving locally! The people I pick up here are so nice, and sometimes I even pick up repeat passengers! It’s a great community with a growing business for Uber.
– Tassawar B., Uber Maryland Partner and Ellicott City Resident.

Driving locally is great, especially during concert season. With Uber, I’m able to offer the option to get riders home safely, without them going through the hassle of calling a cab. I think a lot of people might risk driving versus waiting 45 minutes for a cab that might not show up. Being able to provide safe rides for these folks I think is definitely helping to cut down on DUIs, and I love being a part of that.
– Jacob L., Uber Maryland Partner and Columbia Resident.

This becomes a virtuous cycle: the more drivers who sign up, the shorter the wait times are for riders, which results in more people taking more trips. This increase in demand helps to drive up partner earnings and encourages even more drivers to sign up. It’s a cycle we see in every city we serve.

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