Stand Up for Uber in Maryland

We need your help! Uber’s future in Maryland is in jeopardy. Before Uber, transportation options in Maryland hadn’t changed in decades. Unfortunately, there are some people who would like to return to the old status quo with limited choice in transportation options.

But together we have a chance to make sure Uber is here to stay. This week, two bills are being considered in the Maryland General Assembly that would modernize Maryland’s laws to make sure you have access to reliable, hassle-free transportation options. The bills would put some of Uber’s constantly improving safety measures into place across the state, including:

  • Every driver must pass a rigorous background check, including driving and criminal record
  • Every vehicle on the road has been inspected for safety and quality
  • Every ridesharing trip is insured up to $1 million

This is the part where you come in: we need you to sign the petition! Then email/tweet/call your state representative and let them know just how much you love Uber and want it to stay an option. Feel free to forward on the sample email we’ve provided by clicking on the representative’s name, below.

This battle won’t be won without you weighing in and asking your representatives to vote “YES” on SB 919 and HB 1160. Let them know #MDNeedsUber. Share with your friends!

Team Uber


Contact Your Reps Today!



Please call or write to your local representatives on the Finance Committee:
Thomas McLain Middleton, (410) 841-3616
John Astle, (410) 841-3578
David Brinkley, (410) 841-3704
Brian Feldman, (410) 841-3169, @BrianJFeldman
Barry Glassman,(410) 841-3603, @SenatorGlassman
Delores Kelley, (410) 841-3606, @DeloresGKelley
Allan Kittleman, (410) 841-3671, @AKittleman
Katherine Klausmeier, (410) 841-3620
James Mathias, (410) 841-3645
Catherine Pugh, (410) 841-3656, @SenatorPugh
Victor Ramirez, (410) 841-3745

And please call or write to your representatives on the Economic Matters Committee:
Dereck E. Davis, (410) 841-3519
David D. Rudolph, (410) 841-3444
Susan Aumann, (410) 841-3258
Charles E. Barkley, (410) 841-3001
Benjamin Barnes, (410) 841-3046
Aisha Braveboy, (410) 841-3707, @AishaBraveboy
Emmett Burns, (410) 841-3352
Cherlyn Glenn, (410) 841-3257
Tom Hucker, (410) 841-3474
Rick Impallaria, (410) 841-3289
Sally Young Jameson, (410) 841-3337
Benjamin Kramer, (410) 841-3485
Mary Ann Love, (410) 841-3511
Brian McHale, (410) 841-3319
Joseph Minnick, (410) 841-3332
Keiffer J. Michtell, Jr., (410) 841-3802, @KeifferMitchell
John Olszewski, (410) 841-3458, @JohnnyOJr
Steve Schuh, (410) 841-3206
Kelly Schulz, (410) 841-3080, @KellySchulz
Michael Vaughn, (410) 841-3691
Galen Clagett, (410) 841-3436, @GalenClagett
Jeannie Haddaway-Riccio, (410) 841-3429, @jeannie_riccio
Warren E. Miller, (410) 841-3582, @delwarmill
Donna Stifler, (410) 841-3278, @DonnaStifler

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