uberX Riders – We Need Your Help!

The Illinois State Senate is voting on a bill that would make it impossible for uberX to survive in the form you know and rely on.

The City of Chicago has worked diligently on a comprehensive set of rideshare regulations that will be voted on May 28th. Taxi companies have taken their fight to state lawmakers to protect their business.

Do you like convenient, safe, affordable transit? Don’t let the State Senate, under pressure from the taxi owners, protect the interests of the few and take away YOUR transportation options.

How to Support:

  1. Click here and enter your zip code to look up your State Senator.
  2. Locate your Senators’ email address in the table at the end of this email.
  3. Click here to send an email. Enter your Senator’s name and your address.

Let your State Senator know that you oppose this bill
and that they should vote against it!

Uber already carries significantly higher insurance coverage than taxis, but HB 4075 would impose insurance requirements that drive costs to consumers up, without adding additional protection for riders. Additionally, thousands of rideshare drivers would be forced off the road for administrative procedures that do not add additional safety measures for riders or drivers. In short, the bill usurps a city’s ability to regulate its own transportation solutions, drives costs for ridesharing higher, and puts thousands of drivers out of a job for extended periods of time.

Thanks for your support,
Team Uber Chicago



District Senator Email
1 Antonio Munoz amunoz@senatedem.ilga.gov
2 William Delgado wdelgado@senatedem.ilga.gov
3 Mattie Hunter mhunter@senatedem.ilga.gov
4 Kimberly Lightford klightford@senatedem.ilga.gov
6 John Cullerton jcullerton@senatedem.ilga.gov
7 Heather Steans hsteans@senatedem.ilga.gov
8 Ira Silverstein isilverstein@senatedem.ilga.gov
9 Daniel Biss senatorbiss@gmail.com
10 John Mulroe lmulroe@senatedem.ilga.gov
11 Martin Sandoval msandoval@senatedem.ilga.gov
12 Steven Landek info@senatorlandek.com
13 Kwame Raoul kraoul@senatedem.ilga.gov
14 Emil Jones ejones3@senatedem.ilga.gov
15 Napoleon Harris nharris@senatedem.ilga.gov
16 Jacqueline Collins jcollins@senatedem.ilga.gov
17 Donne Trotter dtrotter@senatedem.ilga.gov
18 Bill Cunningham bill@billcunningham.com
19 Michael Hastings mhastings@senatedem.ilga.gov
20 Iris Martinez ilsenate20@sbcglobal.net
21 Michael Connelly senatorconnelly21@gmail.com
22 Michael Noland noland@senatedem.state.il.us
23 Thomas Cullerton tcullerton@senatedem.ilga.gov
24 Kirk Dillard senator@kdillard.com
25 Jim Oberweis jimo@ilga.gov
26 Dan Duffy dan@senatorduffy.com
27 Matt Murphy senatormattmurphy@gmail.com
28 Dan Kotowski dkotowski@senatedem.ilga.gov
29 Julie Morrison jmorrison@senatedem.ilga.gov
30 Terry Link tlink@senatedem.ilga.gov
31 Melinda Bush melinda@senatormelindabush.com
32 Pamela Althoff pamela@pamelaalthoff.net
33 Karen McConnaughay senator@karenmcconnaughay.com
34 Steve Stadelman bbriney@senatedem.ilga.gov
35 Dave Syverson info@senatordavesyverson.com
36 Mike Jacobs mjacobs@senatedem.ilga.gov
37 Darin LaHood senatorlahood@att.net
38 Sue Rezin senatorrezin@gmail.com
39 Don Harmon dharmon@senatedem.ilga.gov
40 Toi Hutchinson thutchinson@sentatedem.ilga.gov
41 Christine Radogno Cradogno@sbcglobal.net
42 Linda Holmes lholmes@senatedem.ilga.gov
43 Pat McGuire jstockton@senatedem.ilga.gov
44 William Brady billbrady@senatorbillbrady.com
45 Tim Bivins senatorbivins@grics.net
46 David Koehler dkoehler@senatedem.ilga.gov
47 John Sullivan jsullivan@senatedem.ilga.gov
48 Andy Manar amanar@senatedem.ilga.gov
49 Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant bertinotarrant49@att.net
50 Sam McCann Senatorsam@frontier.com
51 Chapin Rose ls@chapinrose.net
52 Michael Frerichs mfrerichs@senatedem.ilga.gov
53 Jason Barickman jason@jasonbarickman.org
54 Kyle McCarter senatormccarter51@att.net
55 Dale Righter drighter@consolidated.net
56 William Haine whaine@senatedem.ilga.gov
57 James Clayborne jclayborne@senatedem.ilga.gov
58 David Luechtefeld sendavel@midwest.net
59 Gary Forby gforby@senatedem.ilga.gov



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