uberx belongs in ILLINOIS: Sustain the hb4075 veto

This past August the Governor vetoed HB 4075. This bill was authored by the taxi industry and was designed to end competition from rideshare services, limit consumer choice, suppress job growth and economic development, and leave cities across the state without the opportunity to shape their own regional transportation policies.

Governor-elect Bruce Rauner spoke out against and Governor Quinn vetoed HB 4075 to protect consumer choice and promote job growth in Illinois. But the taxi industry is still fighting to prevent local cities and towns from authorizing rideshare services, which will hurt consumers and the economy.

The Facts

HB 4075 is legislation that was crafted by the taxi industry seeking to protect their monopolies on Illinois streets. It was designed to:

  • Eliminate local control: More than 70 municipalities have voiced their support for the HB 4075 veto, including the City of Chicago, Peoria, Bloomington-Normal, Aurora, the entire West Central Municipal Conference (44 Cook County communities) and the Will County Governmental League.
  • Limits Consumer Choice: This bill would place unfair restrictions on consumers, leaving many consumers stranded without safe, reliable, and affordable transportation options. HB 4075 puts arbitrary caps on the ability of consumers to obtain rides by limiting the amount of drivers. That means more stranded people, more DUIs, and less service to underserved communities that need rides the most.
  • Limits Competition: HB 4075 was crafted by the taxi industry to protect their monopolies on Illinois streets. The bill imposes unfair insurance requirements and other restrictions that are not designed to improve public safety, but are intended to end competition from lower-cost, higher-quality rideshare services.

The Solution
Click here to tell your representative to uphold the Governor’s veto.

Oppose HB4075 

The following organizations oppose HB4075

Hb475 Veto Supporters

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