UberHEALTH: Flu Prevention On Demand

A few weeks ago, we launched a one-day pilot program UberHEALTH in Boston, New York and DC. The response was overwhelming. Windy City – you asked, and we listened.

Uber Chicago is the next city to participate in UberHEALTH to bring free on-demand flu prevention
with the help of Vaccine Finder

Catching the flu is easy. Preventing it should be, too. That’s why we’re bringing you UberHEALTH – FREE flu prevention packs and flu shots on demand. Together with Vaccine Finder, we’re helping you stay healthy this season. 

UberHEALTH will be available today from 10 am until 4 pm CST, and Uber users can request this service within their Uber app. Upon arrival, users will receive a flu prevention pack and the option to request a flu shot from a registered nurse for up to 10 people – all at no cost.



WHAT: On-demand flu prevention

WHEN: Today, November 18 between 10am – 4pm CST

WHO: Vaccines are applicable for ages 18 and up. Each request can serve up to 10 people.

HOW MUCH? UberHEALTH is completely FREE


  1. Open up the Uber app
  2. Select ‘UberHEALTH’ and request
  3. Driver arrives to your location with a registered nurse from Passport HealthPro Tip: If you are choosing to request a flu shot, please select a suitable indoor location prior to UberHEALTH arriving
  4. Once UberHEALTH arrives, you’ll have the option to request a flu prevention pack or Flublok vaccine, generously provided by Protein Sciences
  5. If you request a shot, the nurse will handle all paperwork and consent forms

We expect demand for UberHEALTH to be high, so your patience is appreciated. If you have any questions about UberHEALTH, send us a note or tweet us!


We know the flu is preventable, and we know our riders are always on the go.  Let Uber help you outsmart the flu this fall.
Stay healthy, and Uber on!


Unable to get UberHEALTH, but still interested in getting a flu shot? Use VaccineFinder to find the nearest shot provider and Uber there!
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