Uber On, Governor Quinn.

Governor Quinn showed us he is a champion for uberX and ridesharing today by veto’ing HB 4075. His decision to protect consumer choice and promote competition on Illinois’ streets shows his commitment to economic growth in Illinois.

We are so excited about adding his support to the growing choir of advocates for ridesharing. Sophisticated policymakers understand how this new industry can give consumers a better way to get from point A to point B, and put more money in drivers’ pockets. Those are benefits that can trickle throughout the economy and make every city a great place to live.

The people of Illinois love ridesharing and this veto is a victory for them. It’s a victory for the more than 86,000 Illinois residents who signed our petition to save uberX. It’s a victory for people who live in underserved neighborhoods and can finally get a ride.  And it’s a victory for the teachers, military veterans, college students and thousands of other driver partners who use the Uber platform.

Thank you, Governor Quinn. Your support for ridesharing will be remembered by all of our enthusiastic riders and driver partners.

Say “Thank You” to Governor Quinn! 

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