Uber’s Guide to Lollapalooza!

Once the #UberPalooza party bus has parked and Friday arrives, it’s time for the main course — 8 stages, 150 bands, and 300,000 expected attendees. A little festival called LOLLAPALOOZA!

Here at Uber, we’re excited to be a part of your Lolla weekend. Whether helping you kick off the festivities Thursday night with our on-demand DJ promotion, hooking you up with tickets to sold-out events, or providing you convenient (and refreshing 🙂) transportation throughout the weekend, Uber is a must-have for Lolla weekend!

We also want to make sure things run as smoothly as possible, so please read before for a few tips on Ubering to and from Grant Park this weekend:

Request Outside of Grant Park for Lollapalooza

The streets immediately surrounding the Lollapalooza grounds in Grant Park will be closed and drivers will not be able to get in. So, when requesting a pickup from Lollapalooza, make sure that you are NOT IN THE PARK. It’s best to head North to (Upper) Randolph St. or West to Wabash Ave. (circled in red below) for a smooth pickup.

Communication with your Driver

It’s A-OK to call your driver. Drivers on Uber understand that logistics are going to be tough with Lollapalooza. It’s best to give them a call and clearly communicate your pickup location so that they can get there quickly and avoid traffic.


Persistence is Critical

If you have issues with Uber, don’t give up. There are going to be extra drivers on the road this weekend to ensure you can all use Uber to and from the event. There may be times when all cars are busy but stay persistent and we’ll get to you as soon as possible!

Finally, while we’ll be hard at work ensuring you have calm transportation after rowdy days at the festival, we love our jams too. Below, find a few of the bands the @Uber_CHI team is most excited for:
-Allen: Childish Gambino – sharpest rapper out there
-Max: Frank Ocean – smooth jams for a smooth guy
-Kenny: Chancellor Warhol – a unique electro-rap style that he made his own
-Emily: Moon Taxi – if you have to ask….
-Kristina: Passion Pit – sugary sweet vocals and head-nodding synth tunes

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