Uber Chicago Extends Veterans Benefit Program

UPDATE: Due to the overwhelming success of our Veteran partnerships and their valued excellence on the road, Uber Chicago is thrilled to announce that we are extending our Veterans benefit program past Veterans Day and through the end of the year.

At Uber Chicago, we’re incredibly proud to partner with over 100 men and women who have served this country selflessly – our Veterans. It’s our turn to give back this Memorial Day in appreciation for all they’ve done for us. Starting Memorial Day through 2014, we’re eliminating our commission for uberX partner drivers who are Veterans of the US Armed Forces.

For the rest of 2014, military veterans partnering with Uber will keep
100% of their fares, with no commission taken by Uber.

In addition to eliminating commission, we’re excited to extend additional benefits for these partners:

  • All subscription fees will be waived through 2014
  • Referral bonuses will continue to be doubled for Veterans who refer fellow Veterans – meaning we will pay out $250 to the Veteran referrer already partnering with uberX, and $250 to the Veteran referral

There are many service members who have partnered with Uber to help with their transition back into civilian life. We’d like to introduce you to a few of them in Chicago.

Partnering with uberX is an easy way to supplement income on your own flexible schedule. In fact, many of our veteran partners,  such as Walter Brown Jr., choose to continue their education and are able to maintain their studies while adding to their financial stability.

Walter BrownWalter Brown Jr
Years of Service: 1989-1998

While serving in the United States Army for nine years,Walter was deployed during Operation Desert Storm. During his time in the Army, Walter traveled across the United States, worked building satellite towers and even got married! He is currently in school as a radiology student while also driving uberX.

One of the goals of Uber is to create economic opportunities for our partners, especially Military Veterans who typically see high unemployment rates when first transitioning back to civilian life. For partner driver Jesus Ramirez, who left active duty earlier this year, uberX has been a way for him to earn money while getting to know the city of Chicago and networking with riders.

Jesus RamirezJesus Ramirez
Years of Service: 2008-2014
For six years, Jesus served in the United States Marine Corps. Much of his time was spent deployed across the globe – including his favorite location, Peru. After leaving the Marine Corps in January, he applied to become a partner driver for uberX.


One of the added benefits of  uberX is that it provides an easy way to supplement income with no cost up front. Ozell Hickman, Jr., a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, especially loves that he can partner with uberX  and add to his fixed income as a retiree, while he trains to help veterans who suffer from substance abuse issues.

Ozell HickmanOzell Hickman, Jr.
Years of Service: 1969-1988

Ozell spent 18 years in the United States Marine Corps, serving two tours in Vietnam. During his service, Ozell worked on planes (more specifically, the A6 and A4 models) and was also a Blue Angels crew member. More recently, he’s been serving up some pretty tasty meals while working as a chef in several steakhouses around Chicago.

Earlier this year, we teamed up with up with Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America to help Veterans transition from years in the military back into civilian life. 

On top of this, it’s important to remember that not only do our partners provide a tremendous service to the Chicago community, but around the country as well.


Uber Chicago is proud to show our support for our nation’s military Veterans.

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