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Every day thousands of Chicagoland residents are choosing rideshare as a high quality alternative to taxis. Recognizing such strong demand, the City of Chicago has put forth rideshare regulations that provide consumer protections and maintain better, faster and cheaper transportation options for riders.

The Taxi industry is pushing the provisions, which currently reside in the proposed State legislation HB4075, that could deliver a fatal blow to ridesharing in Chicago, notably, a hard cap on driver hours at 18 hours per week:

  • In it’s current form, this provision could potentially put hundreds of drivers out of a job on a weekly basis, for months at a time, by requiring them to stay off the road until they get a chauffeurs license (a potentially 2-3 month process), if they surpass 18 hours by even a few minutes!

This raises a few questions:

  1. Why are the extensive safeguards put into place (including insurance higher than levels required by Taxis and background check processes that lead the industry), sufficient for a driver that drives 17 hours, but not 19 hours?
  2. Why should a driver be punished because they need to earn a few extra dollars one week – perhaps to pay their kids’ college tuition, make the rent check, or just save a few extra dollars?
  3. Why should drivers be punished for driving more when the city needs more options? Rideshare drivers drive more hours on busy transportation weekends when the city needs them, such as St. Patrick’s Day weekend or Lollapalooza. More hours on the road at these times means less drunk drivers, and less people stranded.

Additionally, the City of Chicago has stated that this provision creates an immense unfunded obligation for them, which will be extremely difficult to enforce and implement.

The City of Chicago has proposed a sensible solution on this option, that allows for week to week fluctuations that benefit drivers, consumers, and the city.

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Illinois residents are sick and tired of Springfield’s misplaced priorities.
Tell your state senator you support rideshare and to stop protecting the taxi industry.

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Ridesharing is a technology-based service that facilitates safe, convenient and low-cost transportation options by connecting independent drivers with those in need of a ride.

By the Numbers

      • 10-150 hours spent driving: uberX partners drive on a flexible schedule they create
      • $16/hour: Median amount partners earn per hour. 59% of uberX drivers in Chicago earn more than the median hourly wage in their neighborhoods.
      • $46 million: Annual economic impact of ridesharing in Chicago.
      • 1,049 jobs: New jobs created by Uber in 2013
      • 25,000 rides: Number of additional rides generated in Chicago in 2013 by Uber

Additional background on uberX

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