Save uberX: Our Veteran Partners Weigh In

Uber is lucky to partner with more than 100 veterans in the Chicagoland area to provide you with access to safe and reliable transportation. Earlier this summer, we rolled out our veteran benefit program making uberX a completely free economic engine as a way to show our appreciation for these great men and women.

However, this program and the uberX platform itself is now in jeopardy. Recently the Illinois State Senate passed a bill that would prevent riders from accessing one of the most affordable transportation options in the state – uberX. This legislation limits transportation choices and expands taxi companies’ monopoly on our streets. It would also create fewer economic opportunities for drivers who want to use the Uber platform, which is why our veteran partners called on Governor Quinn to veto the bill.

Many of our veterans showed their love for uberX by sharing stories of how their partnership with Uber has helped them and their families thrive.

 “If I didn’t have Uberx I wouldn’t be able to afford my monthly bills and provide my children with what they need and deserve.”

“Coming back from service presents challenges, and uberX is doing what veterans need more than handshakes & handouts – it is creating real jobs for veterans.”

“uberX helps me earn a decent living after my service. It is a good job where I can work my own hours on my own time and earn more than double the minimum wage.”

Like all driver partners utilizing the Uber platform, our veterans help keep the streets safe from DUIs, provide rides to and from neighborhoods that taxis ignore, and help you get around the city in a safe and reliable fashion. We are grateful for their hard work and dedication to Uber riders!

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