Passage of Chicago Ridesharing Ordinance

Last week, the Chicago City Council passed an ordinance to regulate ridesharing, with the support of the vast majority of City Councillors.

While implementing stringent measures regulating rideshare companies, the bill allows for ridesharing to continue to thrive in the City of Chicago – which is a big win for city residents. This is proof that the voices of constituents were largely heard by the Council members that represent them.

We will work to ensure we comply with the framework set forth by the City of Chicago and continue to provide access to our safe, innovative and low-cost ridesharing option, uberX.

What changes can you expect? As a rider, very little. You’ll still have access to the cheapest and most reliable transportation on the road, and continue to be protected by our constantly improving safety protocols.

While this ordinance is a step forward for ridesharing services in Chicago, it further calls to light the ongoing anti-competitive efforts in Springfield by the taxi medallion owners to end consumer choice and protect their monopoly. Recently, the state legislature approved a bill that would effectively eliminate ridesharing in Chicago by making into law protections for the taxi industry. If the current bill is not vetoed by Governor Quinn, it will damage consumer choice, impact safety and economic development in Illinois, as well as impede the ability of municipalities like Chicago to regulate transportation service options in a way that meets their residents’ needs.

Chicago is demonstrating a commitment to economic growth, entrepreneurship and technological development. The framework that has been laid out is a step forward for ridesharing.

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