Flat Rates to Louisville, Just in time for the mane event

Leave your keys at home and let Uber take the reins. This year, we’re introducing round trip flat rates to the mane event – making it even easier for you and your crew to ride to Louisville.

Looking to save even more for the racetrack? Ride down with friends and split your fare using our in-app fare splitting feature.

Chicago $450 $112.50 Up to 6
Cincinnati $200 $50 Up to 4
Columbus $250 $62.50 Up to 4
Indianapolis $200 $50 Up to 4
Nashville $300 $75 Up to 4


  1. Enter promo code ‘RIDE2DERBY‘ to unlock the ‘LOUISVILLE’ view in your app.
  2. On Friday, May 1, between 8am-10am local time, toggle to the ‘LOUISVILLE’ view and request a ride. View available in Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Indianapolis, and Nashville only.
  3. If a flat rate ride to Louisville is available, you and your crew will be on your way in a matter of minutes.
  4. Upon arriving to your destination in Louisville, your trip will end and you will be charged the total round trip flat rate listed above.
  5. Return trips will be available May 3, between 9am – 11am only.
  6. On Sunday morning, toggle to the ‘HOME’ view and request your ride home!


What if I want to stay another day?

These round trip flat rates are available for the weekend of May 1 only . The window for requesting a return trip is Sunday, May 3 between 9am-11am only.

Are these flat rates available all the time?

We’re not planning to extend these flat rates beyond the weekend of May 1, but you can always count on uberX the next time you visit Louisville.

Can I bring more than 3 people with me?

In all participating cities, excluding Chicago, your flat rate Black Car ride can accommodate 4 passengers. If you are requesting a flat rate Black Car from Chicago, you can expect a ride that will accommodate up to 6 passengers.

Can we pick up more passengers along the way?

You can make multiple stops to pick up additional passengers within your originating city limits. Keep in mind, outside of rest-stops for gas and bathroom breaks, your driver will not be able to make additional pickups once you are outside your originating city’s coverage area.

What if I want my driver to drive me around Louisville?

While flat rates do not include trips within Louisville, we’re working hard to get as many cars on the road to ensure you have a ride all weekend long!

When will I be charged the round trip flat rate?

Once you arrive to your destination in Louisville, the trip will end and card(s) will be charged the total round trip flat rate. Upon completing your trip to Louisville, the requestor’s account will be tagged and you will be charged $0 for trip out of Louisville on Sunday, May 3.

If I don’t need a round trip ride, can I request a one-way flat rate?

The full round trip flat rate will be charged to your account upon arrival in Louisville. If you wish to forgo your ride out of Louisville on Sunday, you will still be charged the full round trip flat rate. Also, keep in mind flat rate rides will not be available on Sunday to riders who did not request a flat rate ride to Louisville on Friday.

Does the round trip need to begin and end at the same location?

Yes. Your Friday pickup city and Sunday drop-off city must be the same.

Am I able to get a flat rate ride out of Louisville if I didn’t request a flat rate to Louisville?

Only riders who requested a ride to Louisville on the flat rate view will be eligible for a flat rate out of Louisville

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