Ditch the Blue Line Blues

Ditch the Blue Line blues! While the CTA does their thing, we’re here to help you cruise past construction. Skip the transfer and ride FREE during the Wicker station remodel.  Earn free rides by sharing your invite code with friends, neighbors and stranded commuters.

Get On Board:

  1. Refer friends with your personal invite code.
  2. For every friend who signs up and rides, you each get 1 free ride up to $30.
  3. Track your rides in your account – and earn as many as you want! No Limit!

Pro Tip: Are your co-workers or friends in your neighborhood affected by the shutdown? Ride together and Fare Split. We permanently cut uberX prices 15%, which means splitting the fare won’t break the bank.

Average uberX between Wicker Park and The Loop Split 2 ways (per person) Split 3 ways (per person) Split 4 ways (per person)
$10 $5 $3.33 $2.50

Per person rates apply only to rides where the Fare Split feature is used and all seats are filled. Average rates may fluctuate based on traffic, route taken, and potential surge pricing.

The more you share, the more you EARN!

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The Local’s Guide

Don’t let the Blue Line shutdown your plans. If you’re in the neighborhood, check out some of our favorite spots in Wicker Park and Logan Square.

Wicker Park  


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Skip the transfer!
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