With uberPOOL, Sharing is Saving

Chicago, meet uberPOOL—the newest way to ride and save. Request uberPOOL and we’ll connect you with other riders traveling along your route, so you can share your trip and share the cost.

An uberPOOL match, which pairs you with another rider going the same direction, only adds a few minutes to your trip, but the fare is less than uberX, regardless of whether or not you’re paired. Guaranteed. By sharing routes, we can bring down the cost for riders, lower carbon emissions over time, and give Chicago more space to move…together.



    • Request: Open your app and select the uberPOOL option. Set your pickup location and destination.
    • Read: See your guaranteed fare upfront.
    • Remember: You might be matched with another rider, or two, traveling along a similar route at any point during your trip. Regardless, your fare is set.
    • Ride: Jump in and enjoy the trip.








To learn more about the POOL experience, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.




The key to uberPOOL is being flexible with your arrival time. Sometimes you share a ride with someone else, and sometimes you ride alone. Some days you get picked up first, and some days you get picked up second. Life’s funny like that.

So, have a little time to spare? Jump into uberPOOL and save big. Late to an appointment? You should probably take uberX. Regardless, both options end with a safe and reliable arrival at your destination. 



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