BIG Changes at Uber – Request an SUV

We’ve all had the argument before… Cubs or Sox, Gino’s East or Lou Malnati’s, Sedan or SUV? Alright, maybe car choice isn’t quite in that category of passion, but we’ve been listening Chicago. You’ve been begging for more choices related to both price and size. This is why we introduced TAXI in April, to provide a lower cost Uber option.

So today, during this week of celebrating all things AMERICA, adding the freedom to specifically request a GIANT SUV only seemed appropriate! Beginning today, you will have the ability from your Uber app in Chicago to request:

Our standard black car service. Choose this option and a high-end sedan or SUV will be curbside in minutes. We guarantee that cars in this option will seat up to 4 people. Note: if you choose Black and are picked up by an SUV, the pricing for the Black option will apply.

A licensed Chicago TAXI with many of the same Uber features you love: TAXI arrives in minutes, payment is seamless (metered fare + 20% gratuity), and quality is promoted through our rating system.

Ready to roll like a big shot? SUVs will hold up to 6 passengers. That triple date you’ve been planning is going to be epic.

For Flat Rate Information.

To choose what type of vehicle you want, you’ll need to use our iPhone or Android apps (text and do not currently support vehicle selection). At the top of the map, select the type of vehicle you want. Set your pickup location, hit request and that’s it! As usual, you’ll receive a text letting you know that your driver is on the way, and another when the driver has arrived. At any time, you can also view our rates by selecting the car types icon in the top right corner.

This is only the beginning as we’ll continue to play with different car types over the next few months. Perhaps on-demand Ice Cream Trucks?… the possibilities are endless… 😉

Find us on Twitter or Facebook, shoot us an email with any feedback/questions. Thanks!

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