Rollin’ Like the Prez #UBERcade

Ubercade, /oo-bur-kade/
Noun – A baller lineup of three black vehicles, typically carrying and escorting an Uber rider.


Want to ride like the Prez this President’s Day? All you have to do is tap that app on Monday, and you might get the full presidential treatment. We’ll have an #UBERcade roaming the streets of Chicago – a sleek BLACK sedan flanked by two SUVS (tear gas & bulletproof armor not included).

Tell the world your #UBERcade love now! Plus if you end up Ballin’ like Barack in an #UBERcade, tweet us a picture and we’ll hook you up with $20 of Uber credits.

Yours truly,

Uber Secret Service

P.S. Watch what happened when D.C. debuted the UBERcade last year!

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