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Whether you are headed to dinner, the club, an important business meeting — or checking out Hawaii’s fashion — you deserve to ride in style.

So today we’re introducing UberSELECT — ridesharing with a touch of luxury. You can expect safe, reliable pickups from high-end vehicles like BMW’s, Mercedes, and Audi’s, without breaking the bank. Indulge yourself in affordable luxury.


Hawaii fashion and style tastemakers Lindsay Higa and Matt Bruening helped us kick off the launch of UberSELECT by being our first riders. Uber driver partner Shawn picked them up. His ride? A BMW 3 series — one of the many UberSELECT vehicles now available in Hawaii.


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We also caught up with Lindsey and Matt to learn more about their favorite places to eat, drink, and explore around Honolulu. Read on for their exclusive interview.

What is the one place you look forward to going to when you leave and come back to Hawaii and why?

Matt: I look forward to going home out west to Makaha to enjoy some family and friends time at the house or at the beach.

Lindsey: The beach is always somewhere I look forward to. Because I enjoy traveling to places with cooler climates, the ocean always feels a million times better when I return home.

What is your favorite place to meet up with friends and why?

Matt:I love Manifest for a great night out — or any number other restaurants. People I spend time with socially mean a lot to me and restaurants like Manifest are where we gather. The people you share great meals with become your family.

Lindsey: Most mornings my friends and I meet up at Morning Glass in Manoa. It’s the perfect place to grab our favorite morning drinks, catch up, and attempt to do some work! The staff make this place always feel like home, and I’m addicted to their green tea latte!

What is your favorite place to grab food and why?

Matt: Where do I even start? I’ll list out a bunch: Morning Glass, The Pig & The Lady, Helena’s, Izakaya Naru, Lucky Belly, Little Village, Pint & Jigger… these places are either innovative with a modern touch to our local culture or have been there from the start and stand as a place of longevity and quality which I think should be the foundation for all establishments!

Lindsey: Pig and The Lady is hands down one of the best restaurants I’ve ever dined at. I love their pho, and how tasty and delicious every single dish on the menu is! I dine there at least once a week, and never leave without trying their weekly soft serve flavors! 

Any hidden gems in town you go to?  What makes this place special?

Matt: Hidden gems would be Fishcake for their unique pieces, Hound and Quail for their antique and decor, mono & owens and co for modern stationary and designer goods, home necessities and accessories. I love going to Okata Bento for legit local japanese style drive inn food. Comfort food at its best!

Lindsey: Because I’m such a foodie, I’d have to say Lam’s Kitchen in Chinatown. This family-run hole in the wall restaurant makes homemade look fun noodles into delicious soups, and chow fun dishes. My favorite is their pork noodle soup dipped in the best chili oil in town!

What is your favorite place to check out fashion in Hawaii? Or do you have a favorite show/store you go to in Hawaii?

Matt: Favorite specialty places would be thrift stores, Oliver Hawaii, KICKS/HI, and the usual odds and ends of H&M, online stores and so forth to get everyday basics.

Lindsey: Honolulu Fashion Week is this weekend, and it’s the perfect place to check out the latest and greatest of Hawaii’s fashion. The shows will be absolutely incredible!

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