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With the official arrival of Uber Atlanta, the crown jewel of the South just got a whole lot shinier. Atlanta is Uber’s first true southern city, and we’ve been welcomed with southern hospitality that’s as inviting as a glass of sweet tea on a hot Summer afternoon.

In 1996, the Olympics thrust Atlanta onto the world stage and it’s been on fire ever since.   Atlanta doesn’t need fancy nicknames like The Big Apple, or The Windy City.  Just The ATL will do.  It’s a dual city, at once rooted in the South and truly global and progressive.  There is minimal stress, pretention, or worry, but Atlanta is always ready to embrace the new.    That’s why Uber and Atlanta are a perfect match:  we’re both smooth, innovative, and no stranger to having a good time.  Uber is here to make your commute more efficient, your date nights classier, and the quality of your life 100% better.

Peachtrees Everywhere

Atlanta is a cool, laid back city, but a transplant’s first visit here can be daunting, exhausting, and even infuriating.  “How is every street called Peachtree?” they ask in confusion.  For an Atlantan that little fact is just part of the city’s charm – meeting at the corner of Peacthree and Peachtree makes complete sense.    For the Atlanta native, it doesn’t matter how much city knowledge you’ve got, the Spaghetti Junction can put a damper on your after work plans.


Yet the only thing worse than sitting in Atlanta traffic is trying to get an Atlanta cab.  Forget hailing one on the streets. And you’re lucky if it even shows up when you call.  MARTA won’t get you most of the places you really need to go, and you can’t show up to Club Opera on a bus.  Atlanta can be a commuter’s worst nightmare and until now there was no real solution in sight.  Enter Uber stage left.  Press a button, and like magic, your fancy Escalade will appear right before your eyes. It’s like an illusion Michael.

Huzzah’s All Around

But Atlanta isn’t all about traffic, street names, and genteel ya’lls.  It’s a city big on Southern tradition but always working to reinvent itself.  Sure Atlanta has the busiest airport, but also one of the hottest music scenes, young entrepreneurs changing the tech game, and we love the fact that we have the most insane Real Housewives cast ever (no small feat).   Atlanta, like Uber, is a trendsetter on every level.  I mean, Kriss Kross got you to wear clothes backwards, the Bankhead Bounce was a thing, and who doesn’t love Waffle House?

Uber & Atlanta – Together at last

What Atlanta lacks in size it more than makes up for in sheer charm, fun, sass, and quality of life.  You can buy a home for less than you’d rent a New York apartment (don’t do the math, trust us on that).  Who doesn’t love a night out at Cafe Intermezzo, a summer lazer show in Stone Mountain, or nice evening in Piedmont Park?  You come here for the weather, but you stay for the everything.

Metro Atlanta has a population of about 5.5 million people and is still one of the fastest growing cities in the US.  Uber is excited to be a part of that growth.  Atlantans are proud of their city and recognize that they’re truly a global oasis of awesome.  It’s a city of youth, and that energy permeates everything.  It’s ranked as one of the most active social media cities *ehem*, so follow us @Uber_ATL.    We’re proud to announce that Uber Atlanta is officially here.  For those who may not understand our excitement, as Rhett Butler would say, “Frankly my dear….just give us a try.”


You are now free to officially Uber about the city,

Team Uber Atlanta

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