uberX: better, faster, cheaper than a taxi

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Over the past year, UberBLACK has given Atlantans the most convenient, safe, and classy choice to get around the city.  As 4th of July rolls around, we’re yet again celebrating your freedom to choose by bringing a new option,  uberX, to Atlanta!

What is uberX?

If you’re not familiar with the newest member of the Uber family, uberX is our low-cost option. uberX offers the same great Uber quality and professional drivers you’re used to at taxi prices. uberX is mostly a mix of hybrid and mid-range cars — such as the Prius and Toyota Camry — in a variety of styles with seating for up to four people.

How much is an uberX?

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How do I get an uberX!

1.  Open up your Uber app and you’ll find three options along the bottom: uberXBlack, or SUV.
2.  Toggle over to uberX to give it a try.
3.  Set your pickup location and tap the “Request uberX” button.
4.  Send us feedback via the in-app rating screen or @Uber_ATL 

Where is my uberX!

uberX launched two months ago, and the lower-cost but high quality addition to UberBLACK and UberSUV was more popular than we could have imagined.  There simply haven’t been enough cars to satisfy demand. We’ve listened to your feedback and, with the growing popularity of Atlanta’s sharing economy, we’ve begun testing ride-sharing on uberX. This latest expansion of uberX will make even more drivers available on Atlanta’s streets because we’re partnering with high quality drivers who will be driving their own cars.

To maintain the Uber standard you’ve come to expect, all drivers must pass Uber’s rigorous screening process (but are not licensed as professional chauffeurs by the State of Georgia), which includes:

  • Stringent background check
  • Driving history check
  • In-person interview and screening
  • A city knowledge exam
  • On-going quality controls
  • Proper Insurance Coverage

Bottom line: Our riders’ safety and satisfaction remain our highest priority.  All Uber riders continue to have the option to rate every driver and improve the system with their feedback. Qualification standards for UberBLACK and uberSUV remain unchanged.

From your perspective, nothing will change except there will be more cars on the road and shorter wait times for uberX!

You can chat with us at supportatl@uber.com or float us a tweet @Uber_ATL

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uberX FAQ

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