This Semester, Uber Is Better Than Ever

Last spring was a great semester for Uber. But this fall, we want to make every trip better.

That’s why we’ve lowered our prices and added student-friendly features—oh, and we’re giving college students the chance to win a semester of free Uber. But we’ll get to that in a bit. Here’s what’s on the syllabus for getting the most out of Uber this semester.

Take advantage of our lower prices. Great news for college students with limited spending money: Uber fares are more affordable than ever! 

College town* uberX fare
Library –> Stadium
Stadium –> West University Ave.
Library –> Stadium
Stadium –> West Tennessee St.
Library –> Stadium
Stadium –> University Blvd.
Tampa Bay
Library –> Stadium
Stadium –> West Platt St.

Use our student-friendly products and in-app features to help get you where you need to go safely and make your ride as comfortable as possible.

Feature What It Is Why It’s Cool
Spotify In-app feature that partners with Spotify for ad-free listening. Control your listening experience: Play your own music through Spotify while on a trip.
Family Profiles A profile feature that lets up to 10 riders share one payment method in-app. Have your parents create and add you to a Family Profile, so you can use your spending money for other things.
Safe Rides Uber partners with colleges to offer discounted rides on specific days/times of day. Check to see if your school offers Safe Rides. Your designated driver ended up drinking, and you don’t feel comfortable riding with them. Request a Safe Ride.
Fare Split In-app feature that lets you split your Uber fare with other Uber riders. For when you’re sharing a ride with friends and they say they’ll buy you a drink to pay you back for the fare. They won’t.
Give 1, Get 1 Each rider has a unique referral code. If their friends sign up with Uber using that code, both riders get a free trip (up to $20). Free rides. Who doesn’t love that? To share your code, tap the menu icon, then tap Promotions.

Avoid surge. Surge occurs when there are more riders requesting Uber rides than drivers on the road, so keep that in mind when you’re considering requesting an Uber home at 2am on Saturday when the bars are closing. Uber alerts you when prices are surging, and you have the option to not confirm your request if you’re not happy with the fare estimate.

Enter to win a semester’s worth of free Uber rides ($1,600 value). College students across the country will win—just enter your student email address and the phone number associated with your Uber account. Plus, if you refer a classmate who signs up with Uber, you’ll be entered an additional time. Enter now.

*uberX fares calculated using landmarks of University of Florida, Florida State University, University of Central Florida, and University of South Florida.

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