Why They Drive

DC is a city of passionate people. We’re passionate about politics, family, and where the next up and coming neighborhood is. This passion moves DC every day.

We asked our driver-partners about what motivates them. Why do they help move DC each and every day?

Blue Watch

Meet Lauren. She’s a dedicated mom.

I have a child with special needs. We spend several days to weeks in the hospital every year. This makes me unreliable as an employee for a 9 to 5 job. Uber allows me to work when I can, while my kids are at school and if my child with special needs has doctors appointments or we have to stay in the hospital for a while, I won’t lose my job because I need to take three weeks off. The flexibility that Uber allows is wonderful for our family.





Blue Watch

Meet Darryl. He’s more than meets the eye.

I needed a new car, and this was a good way to get one. Also, It gives me a chance to make money while pursuing other interests such as songwriting and production, as I can set my own schedule.







Blue Watch

Meet Brian. He does it all for his son.

My son aspires to be a competitive figure skater. He skates six days a week, multiple times per day. His lessons are very expensive and are held at odd hours of the day (early and late, around school). Uber helps me to afford the coaching and the expenses of this sport and the flexibility of driving with Uber fits my hectic, unpredictable schedule.





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