Take Me Out To The Ball Game

photo via Josh Bassett

Spring is here and baseball is back! To celebrate, we went on the road with pitcher Drew Storen to get you the inside scoop on his life here in DC.

Drew Storen via espn.go.com

What’s your typical game day like, any pregame rituals? I tend to try to do the same thing everyday from the minute I get to the field. Before the game starts after batting practice, you can usually find me getting a few games of foosball in.

What about a typical day off? More than likely on the golf course.

What are your 3 DC go-to spots? I love Sei for sushi, Top Golf for an all around fun night out, and Bourbon for a good steak.

What’s your favorite part about living in DC? Being able to interact with veterans and spend time with them and learn their stories. They have sacrificed so much for our country and to hear it first hand is a very powerful experience.

What’s your favorite part about traveling for games? There are so many great landmarks, restaurants, and other attractions to see in all the cities. We get to see many special places so I make sure to soak it all in when are there.

If you were a car on the Uber system, would kind of car would you be? Hopefully I would be one of the cool random Mercedes cars that you get here in DC. Always makes me feel like a big time politician when those take me around.

If Uber could deliver you anything at all in 5 minutes, what would you want it to be? Egg drop soup, no brainer.

What’s the most common Uber trip you take? When it comes to DC, I take Uber everywhere. Actually, when I was at the field, my wife took Uber to the Fedex shipping center and helped her carry our 100+ lb mattress from there to the car, then into our garage. Wish I could have had the opportunity to thank him for the huge help he was!

What’s one of your favorite Uber experiences? I enjoy asking my drivers about where they’re from and hearing their personal stories. The driver who took me to the field today was very excited to go home to Ethiopia for the first time since coming to the United States. I find joy in hearing where everyone comes from and how much they enjoy their experiences in DC.