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DC Council Clears Path for Uber’s Future

Today the DC Council unanimously passed a legislative framework for “digital dispatch” that is pro-innovation, pro-consumer, and pro-driver, and sets the standard for other cities to promote transportation innovation.

Model Pro-Innovation, Pro-Consumer Legislation from Washington, DC

The bill passed by the DC Council is a legislative framework that is pro-innovation, pro-consumer, and pro-driver. It will improve transportation in the District and serve as an innovative regulatory model for cities across the country.

Never Underestimate the Power of #UberDCLove

Never underestimate the power of thousands of loyal supporters armed with email, social media, and a cause.

Strike Down the Minimum Fare Language in the DC Uber Amendment

Please stand with us and encourage the DC City Council to strike down the MINIMUM FARE language from the Uber Amendment in tomorrow’s Taxi Improvement Bill.