Shop Small® with UberEATS

This year, we’re celebrating Small Business Saturday® with one of our local UberEATS business partners, Buredo. Every company has a unique story—let’s take a look into the story behind two life-long friends and DC natives who were looking for a unique, fresh lunch option.


Why did you all decide to get into the food industry?

We love all things food-related and are always looking for new concepts, tastes, and inspiration—our favorite pastime is going out to eat and checking out new local places. It was natural for us.

Why did you all choose DC?

We’re both DC-area natives and are proud to have grown up here. We saw an opportunity to introduce a unique, fast-casual concept that resonates. We knew that we would have to deliver freshness, quality, and flavor to be successful in this city.

What excited you all about the food industry in DC?

It’s an exciting time for DC. We are in this experimental, upward trajectory that invites new concepts to develop and grow. It helps that it’s not as saturated as other markets such as New York or San Francisco—there’s still so much opportunity here to make a mark and do something different. Especially in the fast-casual market.


Where can we find you all on your day off?

Probably eating or drinking somewhere! Although, “down time”at restaurants often ends up morphing into a Buredo meeting!

What’s the company motto?

We want to wow the traditional sushi eater and convert those who are trying sushi for the first time. And of course, we would love for you to “eat your veggies and eat more fish!”

What’s your advice to aspiring small business owners?

In all you do, be professional, but be yourself. Let your true self shine through—people will see your passion and you will get where you want to be through hard work and dedication.

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