Salute Your Sixth Star Driver, Reggie!

Here in the DMV, drivers on the Uber platform work hard to seamlessly and quickly move people around the nation’s capital. And while giving five stars is the perfect way to thank your driver, sometimes a driver does something that deserves a little extra praise.

Whether it’s returning your phone or helping you carry your belongings, these are the drivers that make Uber truly amazing. And you can now commend a driver for their exceptional service by nominating them for the Sixth Star Award – simply by writing in and letting us know about your experience.

Today, join us in congratulating Reginal for being DC’s first partner to win the Sixth Star Award!


Rider Recounts Reginal’s Sixth Star Service:

“Reggie was charming & personable from the moment we stepped into his impeccably clean car. He greeted us warmly & offered us water. We joked & laughed & knew we were getting a great Uber ride. And then we were caught on 395 behind a minivan with its hazards on. Reggie made to get around it & then a woman stepped out of the van holding a child & screaming for help. Reggie turned to us & said he was sorry, but he had to see if he could help. We both agreed that we should all try to help. I dialed 911 & my friend Leslie went over to talk to the mother. The child (a two-year-old boy named Jamal) seemed to be suffering from a seizure. I directed an ambulance to us while Reggie helped keep 395 traffic away from us; and Leslie helped get Jamal breathing again, until a kindly pediatrician who stopped when she saw Reggie waving for assistance & assured us that Jamal would be fine. Long story short, Reggie helped save that boy’s life, by insisting we all try to help. He was not only a wonderful & charismatic driver but a literal lifesaver. He deserves praise for going far above & beyond the call of duty. ”

Carri-anne, Washington D.C.

Reggie says the best part of his job, hands down, is the people.  “I meet the best people around the city, and I have incredible conversations.” On the day of the incident, he says the passengers in his car helped him save the boy. “All three of us quickly ran to help the mother and the child. One of the girls performed CPR, the other dialed 911, and I kept the traffic away from us and found further assistance. It was a team effort, and I’m proud of what we accomplished”.

The Prize

Reginal will receive an exclusive Sixth Star swag bag and $1,000 American Express gift card for his courageous service.SixthStarPrizePack_1

We are grateful Reggie has partnered with Uber to share his selfless, sixth-star service with riders throughout the DMV.


Don’t forget to nominate your exceptional drivers!

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