POOL Stories From Your Fellow Driver-Partners

Life is all about the journey, and so is uberPOOL. When you pick up an uberPOOL passenger, you might be doing more than providing them with a safe, convenient ride from point A to point B. You may also be help them reconnect with a friend or colleague, discover new things about their city, or even find a job.

We recently asked Washington, DC partners to share stories of their most memorable uberPOOL trips. See what they had to say below, and share your own story here.

“The two passengers I picked up just so happened to be from Boston. Both had different perspectives of their city and exchanged lots of cool places they should go to and things to do in each one’s idea of fun. Both great people with great energy.” – Martin G.

“I picked up a young lady who recently moved to the DC area and was looking for a job. On the way to pick up the next person we chatted about her work history. Once we picked up the next young lady, we continued our convo. Well, it just so happened that the 2nd rider was a recruiter with MANY DC connections. She gave the 1st rider some leads and also took her information to keep in touch should something come up. It’s amazing how a car share can change your life. You never know who you may meet. I love UberPool!!!” – Jamala S.

“A few weeks ago, I got a POOL request to pick up Evan and his friend at the Lincoln Memorial. As they got in, I got another pool request from Hannah at the GWU Medical Center. She got in the back seat with them and Evan introduced himself and his friend to her. We were all caught off guard when she asked him if he had gone to USC. Turned out that they had both been there at the same time a couple of years ago. As we arrived at the first stop, they exchanged phone numbers and set a dinner date for the next night. If anyone ever makes a movie of this, I wonder who they’ll get to play the Uber driver?”-Leonard R.

“On Wednesday I gave an uberPOOL ride to two riders from Washington DC to Arlington, VA. During the conversation, both of them learned that they are Alumni of John Hopkins University and studied the same program just few years apart. They were talking about professors who taught different courses and they had a great conversation about the faculty. In the end they exchanged information and probably will stay in touch with each other. This was an amazing experience for all of us.” -A.K. Mishra

“I picked up a passenger in Adams Morgan, and a second request came from the same address. Both passengers were headed to the same location in Arlington. Turns out not only do they live in the building, but they also work for the same company. They had never met before!” -Thomas G.

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