Partner Ratings 101

The rating system is in place to help you succeed on the Uber platform and to ensure the safety and comfort of both riders and drivers. Ratings are a big reason why riders keep using Uber more and more and that means more money for partners like you!

Does surge affect my rating?

Often times, riders get upset when surge is high. Unfortunately, many drivers take that anger and assume it means that riders rate drivers poorly due to the high surge; however, ratings do not vary significantly day or night, surge or not.

Driving Late Night vs Daytime

As you can see above, the average rating does not change substantially depending on time of day or day of week. Don’t let rowdy groups stop you from maximizing your earnings after midnight, especially on the weekend nights!

What’s a ‘good’ rating?

Driver ratings reflect the satisfaction of riders, and the happier those riders are, the more trips they will take. Ratings above 4.7 are good and above 4.8 are fantastic. If your rating falls below 4.7, we’ll send you an email to let you know and give you tips to improve.

Where can I see my ratings?

Within the Uber partner app, you can review your ratings under the Account section. You can also view your ratings on your online dashboard at