Halloween weekend is right around the corner, and we know that means zombies, bunnies, and maybe even “binders full of women” will all be Uber-ing to the best costume parties in the District. And while we’re totally confident we will have a record number of cars on the road, we wanted to pass along a few tips for the weekend to ensure the best OoOoOober experience. 🙂


We’re going to be SUPER busy shuttling trick-or-treaters and Halloween revelers all over town, so don’t dismay if you can’t get an Uber on the first try! Snag a few more pieces of candy and another drink, and try your request in a few minutes. If you see a surge pricing notification please pay careful attention to the current rates before confirming your request, or wait a few minutes for additional cars to become available and for prices to go back down (more information about surge pricing can be found here).


  • Don’t get mixed up with the ghoul next door! Be sure to verify your driver’s name and/or the license plate given in the app to make sure you’ve got the right Uber.
  • Tap the location bar to manually input your exact address before requesting. This can help eliminate pickup confusion!
  • Traffic, traffic, traffic! The streets will likely be packed, so thanks ahead of time for your patience.
  • Keep an eye out for surge pricing notifications near the Witching Hour.

And of course as always, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at with any questions or concerns. Happy Halloween!

– Alex and Katie, your Uber DC community managers