National Bike to Work Day

Today, all over the country, people are hopping on their bicycles and hitting the road. This year, we’ve partnered with PeopleForBikes to create an educational campaign highlighting the ways riders, partner drivers, and cyclists can share the road and Travel With Care.

At Uber, safety is our top priority. By following these four safety tips we’re working to create a safer road for everybody, no matter what mode of transportation they choose.

  1. When driving, leave three feet of space between you and the bicycle
  2. Be aware of bikes lanes when requesting a car
  3. When driving your own car, check your mirrors and look twice before turning
  4. Please look for cyclists before opening your door

In honor of National Bike Month, we went on the road with one of DC’s favorite cyclist, Gregg Pitts, to learn more about why he rides. Do you ride? Tell us on Twitter!

226448_161965697198799_8281141_n (1)When did you start riding? About 6 years ago, I was at the gym and I saw the indoor cycling room and thought it looked like so much fun. I thought, whatever is happening in that room, I need to be apart of it.

What drives you? Before I began cycling I was working a demanding job where I was always on the go so I didn’t take the time to focus on my weight and I became out of shape. Cycling helped me get back on track and get my act together, staying healthy is my motivation.

What’s your favorite part about biking and living in DC? There are so many great bike trails in the area! The C&O Canal and Mount Vernon trails are my favorite, but there are just so many great ways to explore the city by bike.

What are your 3 DC go-to spots? My go to for working out is of course Flywheel Sports! I live near Eckington, so I love going to Union Market and honestly I can never get enough of the monuments and memorials in the city.

What’s one of your favorite Uber experiences? Hands down, the best experience was the day my husband and I got married – we used Uber all day! Everything from transporting the wedding parties to and from the church and reception, to family and friends, Uber was just the easiest and most cost efficient option. We were so thankful for the great UberSUV drivers we had that day.

If Uber could deliver you anything at all in 5 minutes, what would you want it to be? I love peanut butter! It’s my go to snack while on the go, so if I ran out and Uber could bring me more, that would be amazing.