Learn How To Boost Your Earnings Like the Pros

We asked some of the highest earning driver-partners to share their tips for maximizing their earnings through our Status Rewards program, Earnings Boost. Follow these tips to boost your earnings even more when you drive for Uber.

From adding to your trip count with uberPOOL to providing the best customer service for riders, see what the pros had to say below.

Make a plan and stick to it

Earnings Boost veterans set goals and schedules to help them stay on track over the course of the week.

“I have created a schedule for myself—similar to a typical work schedule that I stick to. I never want my supervisor to see me get to work late…it just so happens that I’m the supervisor.” -Trevor Y.

“Track your progress daily with logs and adjust it to meet your weekly goals.” -Roderick W.

“I have a target which I set of making 200 dollars a day. I don’t leave the road without hitting that target.” -Allen N.

Know when and where to drive

The pros think ahead about where and when they’ll see high demand and high trip counts. Keep an eye on your Earnings Boost emails for Reward Zones tips, and your partner newsletter for events in the DC area.

“The early bird gets the worm! I try to get up as early as possible to accommodate as many passengers as I can. Morning rush hour and afternoon rush hour are the most crucial driving times. Weekend nights are great too!” – David B.

“Try to drive during peak hours, and every time there is an event try to be in that area. Hotels are good spots. People are always going to the museums or airports. Be informed of the weather—people use Uber more on hot days and rainy days.” – Giovanni M.

“During the evening rush, try to be in areas with a good balance of office, residential, and restaurants and bars. This will give you a high number of short trips which will boost earnings and number of trips for the day and week.” – Eric C.

uberPOOL pickups add up quick

Every pickup matters to our most successful Earnings Boost partners, and picking up an extra POOL rider is a quick way to get more pickups and achieve the highest status week after week.

“Honestly, get to the highlighted areas and let the app do the rest. I’ve found that, doing uberPOOL really helps maximize the Earnings Boost program. You are consistently working, and the downtime is minimal.” – Tameka R

“Those POOL add-ons count as extra trips. That’s the easiest way to raise or maintain your status.” – Sean L.

“uberPOOL trips are a great way to increase your number of completed trips very quickly.” – Eric C.

Keep it moving!

The experts know that trips don’t come to you when you’re sitting still. Remember – the more trips you take, the more trips you boost. You control your own earnings potential!

“Don’t sit at the airports. Money comes by you when you’re driving, not when you’re sitting still.” – Brant H.

“Hit it hard! From day one stay active and drive as much as possible. I ended up completing 150 rides before my first week was up. Just be the first to start and last to leave and you will succeed.” – Julian A.

“Sometimes quantity rather than higher pricing rules the day. If you can do several trips at the boost rate, Great! …but it is just that, a boost, so driving before and after the boost is crucial in getting to the next level.” – Elle P.

Aim for 5-star ratings

Earnings Boost pros all agree – extra attention to customer service goes a long way. Be proud of the service you are providing for Uber riders!

“I treat all passengers the way I would like to be treated if I were a passenger myself. Before picking up a new rider, I have the mentality that I am picking up my boss or the president. This mentality helps me maintain my amicable yet professional attitude.” – Martina A.

“For me, customer satisfaction and Uber’s reputation is the priority. My strategy is to stay online longer, serve the customer in the proper manner, and maximize my earnings.” – Aman M.

“Always give a good conversation if possible and offer snacks or drinks. I also ask my riders what radio station they would like to listen to or allow them to use my aux cord and play their own music. It sometimes gets me tips and a five star rating!” – Kiana C.

A high acceptance rate equals a high status

Across the board, Earnings Boost veterans find that accepting all trips that come their way is an easy and effective way to reach trip thresholds, raise your status, and maximize earnings

“Every trip matters. Small or large, uberPOOL or uberX, they will make you earning boost and will help your status too.” – Adhar B.

“I try not to cancel any trips whether it’s an uberX or uberPOOL because it’s time consuming. It’s a better strategy to accept every trip, complete it and start the next one. That way you make the maximum amount of trips and make the maximum per hour. “ – Roain M.

“Just get on your grind and get those rides in, the more passengers the quicker to an improved status!” – David B.

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