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To fuel our extraordinary growth, we’re looking for all stars to join our East Coast hub (based in DC) and keep the Uber wheels rolling this side of the Mississippi.

Why Uber?

Uber is all about connecting people. Working for Uber, you aren’t just working for a tech company, you are impacting the way your city moves.


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Meet Annaliese Rosenthal:

  • Education: Davidson College, Phi Beta Kappa, BA (Political Science)
  • Work History: After college, I worked as an Analyst at LivingSocial. I started out assessing the performance of daily deals by market and concept; I then moved on to creating sales and operational strategies to launch LivingSocial’s online food ordering product in 26 cities.
  • Currently: Senior Operations & Logistics Manager – DC
  • Describe the Operations & Logistics Manager Role: I work with operations and marketing teams to design and implement strategy to make Uber THE transportation option in the DC metro area. We work on answering questions like how do we design the most efficient process to onboard new driver partners? How do we improve our supply so any rider within 30 miles can get a ride within 5 minutes any time of day? How do we expand our product so Uber can accommodate every transportation need? My job is to take big innovative ideas and figure out how to translate them into operational reality.
  • What has made you successful in this role?: I’m a passionate problem solver and a data-driven risk taker.
  • Favorite Project: It’s so hard to pick because I get to work on so many amazing projects here! My highlights reel would include launching uberX and Corner Store in DC, launching UberBLACK in Nashville, and running UberTREE in DC.
  • Fun Fact: I worked at Trapeze School for a summer in high school!

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Meet Bernie Huddlestun:

  • Education: Arizona State University, BS (Business Administration)
  • Work History: Prior to Uber, I was a Strategic Analyst for WellPoint. I also founded and operated the largest comedy club in the Mid-Atlantic.
  • Currently: Community Operations Manager, East Coast
  • Describe the Community Operations Manager Role: Community Operations Managers are all about solving problems. I manage a team of remote support agents, who provide support for riders and Uber partners. Additionally, my role requires me to think through current processes and execute new ways to scale the business. The best thing about this position is the freedom to choose projects of interest and implement new ideas.
  • What has made you successful in this role?: My ability to lead and work well with others has been crucial to this position. Strong analytics skills and creativity have also been very important.
  • Favorite Project: When I first started at Uber, I immediately had an idea about how to solve incoming user support requests faster. After experimenting and proving that my idea would improve efficiency, I am now working on a task team to revamp how we respond to incoming requests.
  • Fun Fact: I briefly held a Guinness World Record for producing the longest comedy show. The show was 81 hours long, featured 200 comedians, and raised close to $40k for charity.

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Meet Matt Gore:

  • Education: University of Illinois, BS (Electrical Engineering), University of Chicago Booth School of Business, MBA
  • Work History: I joined the Navy post college and spent 5 years as nuclear submarine officer. Prior to joining Uber, I worked at the Boston Consulting Group, where I worked on projects covering everything from restaurants to mufflers to power plants.
  • Currently: General Manager – Florida, formerly General Manager – Pittsburgh
  • Describe the General Manager Role: I manage our operations in several cities across Florida, working to provide the best experience to as many riders and drivers as possible! I’m responsible for everything from growing our user base to experimenting with new products to working with cities and states to pass modern regulations. Operations is where rubber meets the road – we’re responsible for turning Uber from an idea to a reality in new cities and we need to build a great team to do that.
  • What has made you successful in this role?: The same thing that got me in trouble as a kid works for me as a GM – I simply can’t take “Because” as an answer. No one else at Uber can either!
  • Favorite Project: Planning and executing Uber Ice Cream, where we served on-demand ice cream in over 40 countries in a single day. It was amazing to watch social media explode with pictures of satisfied riders and drivers from literally all around the world.
  • Fun Fact: I once officiated a wedding!

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Meet Gretchen Edwards:

  • Education: Wake Forest University, BA (History), Minors in Journalism and Global Trade & Commerce Studies
  • Work History: Prior to Uber, drove adoption of Cisco’s video conferencing products in the higher education market. Additionally, I managed social media strategy for Wake Forest University.
  • Currently: Marketing Manager – Charlotte
  • Describe the Marketing Manager Role: My job is to grow brand awareness and drive ridership demand in Charlotte. I work with my team to develop partnerships, execute integrated marketing campaigns, draft and execute rider communications, and provide support to our riders. It’s a fast-paced role where you are always challenged to innovate and you are always able to see the impact of your work.
  • What has made you successful in this role?: My communication and relationship building skills have been a huge part of my success. Additionally, creativity and an interest in data and metrics are necessary to excel in this role.
  • Favorite Project: So many, it’s hard to pick just one! I’d say helping to launch six additional cities in North Carolina in one day. It was awesome to see everyone pumped to have Uber roll across the state and into their town!
  • Fun Fact: I won my fifth grade talent show doing Rhythm Sticks to B*Witched’s C’est La Vie!

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