Introducing uberXL: Our Low-Cost SUV Option

It’s been almost a year since uberX, our most affordable ride hit the streets of DC. We’re growing up, and things just got a whole lot better (and bigger). Washingtonians, meet the newest member of the uberX family – uberXL.

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With room for your whole entourage (up to six passengers), uberXL is comfy, convenient and low-cost. You can expect pickups from Toyota Highlander, Honda Pilot, and Acura MDX among others.


uberX uberXL
Base Fare  $1.15 $2.00
Per Minute  $0.17 $0.30
Per Mile  $1.02 $1.80
Minimum Fare $5.35 $7.35

*Minimum fare includes $1.35 Booking Fee*


Whether you and your crew are headed to a baseball game or stocking up for a summer BBQ, splitting your fare with up to five friends makes riding uberXL even more affordable.

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