Introducing the Hourly Status Program

You’ve been such a great partner on the road and because of this, we’d like to introduce you to the Hourly Status program. It’s simple—receive guaranteed gross hourly fares when you start trips in the Reward Zone during times of high demand. Remember, gross fares reflect fare totals including Uber fee and Booking Fee.

Every week, you’ll receive a status, based on the number of trips you completed the previous week. Your status will tell you how much you can earn, and when.


What are the different Statuses?

There are two levels: Gold and Platinum. The more you drive, the higher your status, and the greater guaranteed offer you’ll receive. Upgrade or keep your status for next week by taking more trips—you’re in control!



How will I know how much I earned?

You’ll receive a separate one-time weekly payment in your payment statement. Guaranteed fares will not be shown in trip receipts or in-app.


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What do I need to do to make sure the trips count?

As long as you’re signed online for 50 out of 60 minutes, accept 80% of the trips you receive, and complete at least 1.0 trip per hour during the high demand times, you’ll receive your guarantee!



How do I move my Status up?

The more trips you take, the higher your status. You need to complete 45 trips per week to reach Platinum Status.