Introducing Rewards that Work for You

We know that when you drive with Uber, you are making a choice, and our goal is to make Uber the clear choice every time you decide to drive. We also know that no two people who drive with Uber are the same. That’s why we’re updating our rewards program to better work for you by giving you two ways to earn each week—Quest and Boost.

Every week, you’ll receive highly personalized Quest and Boost rewards offers that are designed to be more flexible around how much and when you want to drive. Drive in featured locations during specified hours and see your fares multiply with Boost, and complete a set number of trips anywhere and anytime in the DC area to earn an extra reward with Quest. Should you consistently hit your Quest levels, your Quests can increase to help you earn to your highest potential.

Along with these two new ways to earn, we are making important improvements to the driver app. You can now track your progress and acceptance rate in real time, giving you full transparency into your earnings.

Read below for answers to questions you may have about Quest and Boost. See you on the road!


Why is my status going away?

No two driver-partners are the same, and now neither are their rewards. Your Quest and Boost offers are tailored to your own driving preferences and style, giving you highly personalized ways to maximize your earnings.

What is the difference between Quest and Boost?

Your Quest and Boost are complementary rewards. Boost rewards are earned when you drive in the featured locations during the specified times, while Quest earnings are less restricted by time and place. There is no cap on what you can earn with Boost–you’ll see your Boost applied to each completed trip. Quest rewards are predetermined amounts based on meeting your trip requirement. Each uberPOOL rider you pick up counts as a separate trip towards your Quest reward.

How are my offers determined?

Your offers are based on your long-term driving preferences and styles, which means they are more consistent week-to-week and adjust to better fit your driving over time. You’ll no longer receive a lower status if you need to take time off, giving you more flexibility in achieving your Quest and Boost rewards.

When will I receive my Quest and Boost?

You will still receive information about your Quest and Boost every Sunday and Thursday. Plus, you will now see more information about your upcoming rewards in the driver app, allowing you to better plan for the week ahead.

Will my offers change over time?

If you consistently hit the highest Quest levels, your Quests can increase the following week. Boosts are determined weekly, guiding you to where and when you’ll see the highest demand.

What’s new in the driver app?

You’ll still see your rewards offers in-app like before, but now you’ll also be able to see your acceptance rate and trip count, helping you better track your Quest goal. More improvements are coming soon, so keep an eye out!

When will I get paid?

You’ll see your Boost payout in-app, after each trip. Quests will appear in your payment statement at the end of the period in which they are offered. Both Boosts and Quests will be visible and be paid in your payment statement on the following week, just like normal trips.

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