Getting More for Less on uberX

Allow us to introduce you to UberBLACK’s little brother —uberX. He’s a little less buttoned-up but just as fast and twice as affordable.  Think: the rebel who wears sneakers to graduation. Casual, reliable, and effortlessly cool. This is uberX.

Still a Private Driver But With Per-Person Fares Cheaper than Metro

uberX is 18% cheaper than a taxi.  And if you fare split with friends, it can even be more affordable than Metro —and twice as fast.

uberX Taxi Metro
Per-Person Fare for Party of 4: U Street to Union Station* $2 $2.69 $2.10
Average Time Spent En Route to Destination 11m 11m 16-28m

*includes luggage

An Informal, Smooth Ride On Your Timetable

uberX isn’t going to wear a tie to dinner.  But he’s still going to take you out for a night on the town.  Here’s a comparison of how uberX and UberBLACK stack up.

(min $4.70)
Mid-size sedans
(min $12)
Luxury towncars
Background-Checked Private Driver
Convenient, On-Demand Booking
Easy Cash-Free Payment
Real-Time Rider Feedback via Five-Star Ratings
Professional Experience
Guaranteed Leather Interior
Extra Leg Room
Bottled Water and Door Service

An Elevated Uber Experience at Half the Cost

With uberX, you’re saving time and money with the same elevated Uber technology.  Door-to-door rides; on demand; when you want them.  Better. Faster. Cheaper than a taxi. Go ahead and let your hair down.  It’s time you took uberX for a spin.

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