Driving Graduation

Washington DC is one of the busiest cities in the country during graduation season. The celebratory atmosphere of commencement season brings some expected headaches like traffic jams, parking shortages, and road closures. In recent years, however, local grads and families alike have taken advantage of an increase in transportation options.

In May, the city hosted five major commencements: American University, Gallaudet University, George Washington University, Georgetown University, and Howard University. With everything from trips to the Senior Ball at Georgetown to ceremonies on the mall, trip growth skyrocketed!

Year-over-year, the number of trips grew more than 100% at most schools, including a staggering 250% increase at Gallaudet.

Fun Fact: GWU overtook Georgetown between last year and this year for the greatest number of trips and greatest number of first time riders!


Increase in graduation trips compared to 2014

Gallaudet University 250%
American University 144%
Howard University 115%
George Washington University 110%
Georgetown University 56%

We’re proud of this progress and excited to continue providing safe, reliable rides for students during graduation and throughout the year. Congratulations again to the class of 2015 and their families!