Dining Destinations: U Street Corridor / Shaw

Ever wondered where everyone in your neighborhood is dining? We looked at anonymized trip data for the last two months and here’s what we found for the U Street Corridor / Shaw area. Looking for a different neighborhood? Check out our other destinations here.

American Ice Company

The exposed brick in this bar sets the mood for barbecue (on paper plates) and beer (in mason jars). Prepare for a packed room and a good time.

photo via AmICo

The Fainting Goat

Good for both brunch and dinner, this is a the perfect U Street spot when you’re looking for a tavern-like setting—whether you’re in the mood for nibbles, or grazing.

photo via Popville

Right Proper Brewing Company

This is the hoppin’ place for hops in Shaw. As they say, they have beer for the soul and food for the belly. What more could you want?

photo via Right Proper

Chaplin’s Restaurant

Inspired by the silent film star, this is far from a silent spot. With a unique menu, you can have anything from a classic cocktail to ramen and other Asian-inspired food.

photo via Chaplin’s