DC’s College Students’ Favorite EATS

DC’s college students are back and HUNGRY. And with over 200 DC area restaurants on UberEATS, they have plenty of options, all day (and night) long. But what do local students choose? We took a look and noticed that where students go to school definitely impacts what their go-to munchies are.

Check out what Hoyas crave and what helps Howard students get through finals season.


Chicken Rico
GW students indulge Chicken Rico when they’re craving something a little different from cafeteria food. The half chicken, packed with Peruvian flavor, is a popular choice making sure no one leaves the table hungry.


Rito Loco
Howard students go crazy for Rito Loco’s OG rito. A play on a classic, this ground beef burrito brings some serious heat.


AU students have a major sweet tooth. They crave late night Captain Cookie & The Milkman’s Baker’s Dozen. That’s enough to share with their friends, or keep them all to themselves.


Buredo’s sofie roll rules supreme for Gallaudet students. With shrimp tempura, avocado, pickled cabbage, carrot, toasted sesame seeds, red tobiko, and sriracha mayo all wrapped in a sushi roll, we’re guessing these order helps fuel them all day long.


The Hoyas love local healthy taco joint, Chaia. And they don’t like to choose, favoring Chaia’s delicious Taco Trio. From roasted eggplant to skillet corn varieties, why choose when you can have them all?


Catholic’s student devour Lou’s City Bar’s classic buffalo chicken wings. They know you don’t mess with a comfort food classic.

Haven’t tried UberEATS yet? Skip the cafeteria line and get your first meal free by entering DCMEALPLAN into the promotions tab on your UberEATS app. Study hard, and keep the hunger pangs at bay.

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