By the Numbers: A look back on First Few Months of Pooling Together

It’s been 3 months since Pooling Together launched to help ensure local residents continue to have access reliable and affordable rides, 24/7.

When we announced this initiative, we committed to doing even more with our technology. With this, we pushed to get creative on how to best help our driver-partners, and their riders, move around the city.

So, how are we doing so far?  We took a look into the data to see how DC metro area commuters have been moving around during the ongoing outages.

uberPOOL morning commutes from the suburbs into the city have more than tripled


One day’s worth of morning uberPOOL trips originating in the suburbs on May 23 vs. August 18

Since the start of the Pooling Together initiative alone, uberPOOL has saved 2.3 million miles of driving, more than 46,000 gallons of gas, and avoided more than 450 tons of CO2, compared to driving alone.


Pooling Together initiatives included, but were not limited to, the expansion of the uberPOOL coverage area, steep discounts on uberPOOL (now up to 80% cheaper than uberX), and maximum uberPOOL fares of $5 and $7 to and from areas affected by Phase 2. During the month of August, the POOL Pass program allowed riders to plan ahead and lock in low rates for the entire month for an upfront fee. Finally, the launch of Driver Destinations encouraged more area residents to share their commute.

  • During Phase 1 of SafeTrack, requests for uberPOOL increased more than 10% during commuting hours from within walking distance of stations in Northern Virginia.
  • After announcing $5 and $7 fares, uberPOOL commute requests increased 34% from within walking distance of metro stations in Ward 7 and Prince George’s County during Phase 2.
  • After the launch of POOL Pass, uberPOOL trips to and from the area surrounding the Red Line outage—between Silver Spring and Noma—increased by 15%.
  • Despite a 25% increase in demand for rides across the metro area, the average ETA remained under 4 mins, ensuring commuters who relied on Uber for an affordable ride could still get to work on time.
  • 27% more people completed their first trip as a driver with Uber during SafeTrack compared to the preceding two months, helping to meet the increased demand from the community.

This is only the beginning. We hope to continue being creative and make sure DC residents are getting the best of Uber throughout the rest of our Pooling Together initiative. Stay up to date with all our Pooling Together efforts at