Inauguration 2013

This inauguration day, Uber is here to offer a convenient and reliable ride. With lots of roads closed on Monday and plenty of parties to attend, please read on for some tips on ensuring the best possible Uber experience this weekend!

#UberDriverLove: Driver Profile Videos

While pushing a button and connecting to a town car will never get old, it’s the fantastic Partners that drive you each day who deserve the credit for making Uber as successful as it has been to date.

Uber Sighting in DC?!

Seeing as Washingtonians are all about changing our country and are always on the move, we’re going to try and change some things up for you, namely the way you move about the city! Our secret Ubers are on the road and *testing* has begun. So, who is the famous rider zero? It’s Hooman Radfar, […]