Never Underestimate the Power of #UberDCLove

Never underestimate the power of thousands of loyal supporters armed with email, social media, and a cause.

Uber CEO’s Letter To DC City Council

We think that doing right by our DC riders means high quality service at the best possible price. We think that is a noble cause. It is because of this that we do not understand how a price floor that sets our minimum price at 5 times the taxi minimum is helpful.

Strike Down the Minimum Fare Language in the DC Uber Amendment

Please stand with us and encourage the DC City Council to strike down the MINIMUM FARE language from the Uber Amendment in tomorrow’s Taxi Improvement Bill.

Uber Amendment

STRIKE 8C – Remove sedan minimums.   Part B. — Uber Amendments 6. Sec. 2 (c)(5A) (Page 5) is amended as follows: (a) Strike the phrase “public vehicle-for-hire ride” and insert the phrase “taxicab ride” in its place. Explanation and Rationale · This section would clarify that the 50-cent taxicab surcharge applies to taxicabs. 7. […]

DC, We’re Bringing a Little More Choice to Transportation

You asked for it, we’ve listened. In the spirit of freedom, we’re bringing a little more choice to transportation with SUV requests.