Denver Launch: Sky High in the Mile High City

Coloradans have always had unique ways of getting around.  Though the wagon trains of the pioneer days have given way to the Subarus of the present, Denverites have always looked for the best ways to get around the city, and up and down the mountains.

We’re proud to announce the launch of @Uber_Denver, here to provide an adventurous, stylish, refreshing way to get around.

As our first foray in the Mountain West, we’ve had a lot to learn about how the West was won so that we can win the hearts of Colorado’s capital.

Our first lesson was on the Denver lifestyle, which we found to be much like a mullet underneath a ski helmet, business on the Front…Range, and party in the Back…Country.  It became clear that there is momentum building in the Mile High city with a rapidly expanding tech industry, and an urbanization of the downtown core. A perfect opportunity for transportation innovation.

Mile High Pride

Colorado is proud of being Mile High – whether it’s Denver’s altitude at 5,280ft (sea-level is for sissies!), the High Country and all 53 of its 14ers (peaks great than 14,000ft peaks) or the Broncos playing at Mile High Stadium, Denver is the Mile High City.

Denver is proud of its beer. The Great American Beer Festival is a perfect showcase, hosting 50,000 people sampling 2,000 beers from 550 breweries. After all, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” – Ben Franklin

Denver loves the Broncos – the sunset is blue and orange for a reason!

Denver needs its snow! As other cities complain about Snowmageddon, we pray for it!

Something that Denver isn’t proud of, however, is its abundant drunk driving.  In fact, this summer, local authorities launched the 100 Days of Heat campaign to crack down on the problem and increased arrests to over 2,000, a 40% increase from last year.  Uber is here to help! Why risk it?

A City on the Rise

Denverites love to complain about the construction: “Haven’t they been working on I-25 for FOREVER?!” But construction means growth. Every year, more transplants are calling Denver home – the population is 2.6 million and counting.  Sure, it’s easy to tell a classic Midwestern transplant by their “gaper” gap:

But before they know it, that transplant will start asking their “brahs” if they picked up their season pass yet, and will dream of fresh “pow-pow” in the high country. Well we’re here for you Denver… to get around the city, and someday to get to the slopes.

We’re excited to be a part of Denver’s urban transformation.  Whether you come to Denver for the mountains, Red Rocks, microbrews, or 300 days of sunshine, @Uber_Denver will be ready for you!


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