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Uber has become an integral part of San Diego’s community and transportation infrastructure by moving riders around more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

With such rapid growth in the market, we need to expand our team to keep up! We are looking to hire data gurus, marketing minds, and entrepreneurial leaders to help make our visions a reality within the local market. Think you’ve got what it takes or know someone who does?

The Uber interview process isn’t easy, but we’re going to hit fast forward for a select group of standouts and jump right to the best part: a face-to-face meeting with the entire San Diego team!



Complete by 5pm on Wednesday, 6/10


Operations & Logistics Manager – San Diego

Marketing Manager – San Diego (Driver Marketing)

Marketing Manager – Tijuana

Partner Support Center Coordinator (2 openings – San Diego & Tijuana)


  1. Fill out this form by 5pm PST Wednesday, June 10th!
  2. Our team will send you a short and sweet version of one of our hiring tests if you’re selected. If you’d prefer not to participate in this expedited process, no worries. Feel free to apply through the normal channels here.
  3. We’ll invite selected candidates to an exclusive happy hour with the full team.

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You’ll get to work with a team of intelligent, lively people, build out an amazing product that you’re passionate about, and have the opportunity to grow with a rising tech company. We can’t wait to hear from you!




General Manager – Uber San Diego


Miami University – Finance & Entrepreneurship

Work History

I began my career with Uber as a “Launcher,” spinning up new markets in the USA, Europe, and Australia. Prior to Uber, I worked in the renewable energies sector in Western Europe.

Describe Your Current Role

I oversee the operations of the markets in San Diego, Baja California, Hawaii, and Utah including everything from hiring and developing talent, to owning the P&Ls, to growing revenues and ridership!

What has been your favorite project?

Launching San Diego, and helping scale the operation and team. Nothing is more rewarding than bringing on talented individuals, giving them the tools and resources they need to succeed, and watching them accomplish incredible things.

Fun fact 

When I’m not working, you can find me in the water somewhere along the coast of San Diego or Baja. Surfing isn’t a prerequisite to join the team, but let’s just say it doesn’t hurt.



Marketing Manager Team Lead


Arizona State University – Business & Communication

Work History

I worked at Yelp as a Senior Account Executive selling local advertising solutions to small businesses and then transitioned into Sales Management before moving to San Diego.

Describe Your Current Role

I lead a team of Marketing Managers aka “Growth Hackers” on a number of initiatives that grow supply and demand in San Diego. On any given day, you can find me helping my team execute fun and exciting city driven campaigns, developing relationships with strategic partners, and creating new ways to grow San Diego. It’s an all hands on deck atmosphere, which makes every day new and different!

What has been your favorite project?

uberSTUDY! We partnered with popular local San Diego brands to provide an awesome and much deserved “study break” for college students during finals week. My favorite part was creating new relationships with sponsors and working with our driver-partners to produce a unique and fun experience for students in San Diego.

Fun fact 

I have an abnormal obsession with French Bulldogs! 🙂



Senior Driver Operations Manager


University of San Diego – Business & Music

Work History

I have corporate and non-profit experience, but I came to Uber after stints at a few local San Diego tech startups, most notably As an early employee there, I really got to experience what it’s like building a business from the ground up. Despite the current size of Uber, it is very much a startup atmosphere.

Describe Your Current Role

I was the first San Diego hire and have been with Uber SD since pre-launch in May of 2012. I now manage the entire operations side of the business including the incredibly talented members of our ops team.

What has been your favorite project?

Tough call! uBURRITO, Uber Ice Cream, and On-Demand Barbershop Quartets are all tied for first!

Fun fact 

I worked as a piano player and singer at an all-request dueling piano bar called The Shout House in downtown San Diego.




Marketing Manager – Content


DePaul University – Spanish & Business Administration

Work History

I started my career as employee #1 at Nulu, a tech startup that took a fresh approach to language learning. I spearheaded all marketing and support for Spanish learners in the US academic market, and later led the consumer launch for English learners in Latin America. I joined Uber in August of 2013 and have since specialized in all things Content.

Describe Your Current Role

I’m the regional content and #UberIMPACT lead for CABU (Cali-Aloha-Baja-Utah) Yeah, it’s a thing! I develop the content and messaging around our marketing campaigns and am the voice of Uber SD on social media.

What has been your favorite project?

If I had to narrow it down to just one project, I’d have to say uberESPAÑOL. I took a project I had built in San Diego and scaled it across 5 other markets. Products like this truly benefit riders and driver-partners, as it goes beyond just the technology and takes into account the human interaction, which is a core part of the Uber experience.

Fun fact 

I sat next to Bill Murray on a plane while flying with my pup. My dog had never flown and was a bit frazzled. He cracked jokes about her the whole time. It was the most entertaining flight I’ve ever been on.

IMG_4225 (1)


Operations & Logistics Manager


Kennesaw State University – Computer Science

Work History

In my career, I’ve had the fortune of working for smaller tech firms in a variety of roles across a few different industries. I just celebrated my first year at Uber!

Describe Your Current Role

One of the best things about Uber is the dynamic nature of the day to day responsibilities. Currently I work on a few different West Coast regional initiatives including improving the quality of rides, detecting and removing fraud, and running labs in San Diego to help encourage growth. You’ll also find me deep diving into analytics on a variety of projects across all areas of Uber.

What has been your favorite project?

My favorite project so far is Ice Cream. In San Diego, there is always a week or two that it gets really hot, especially if you live in a older beach unit without A/C. When Uber did Ice Cream in San Diego for the first time, it was in the middle of a heat wave. Uber delivered my buddies and I ice cream on the beach. It was amazing! After joining the team, I was able to experience it from the inside, riding in an ice cream truck, and bringing happiness and smiles to everyone who requested!

Fun fact 

I have adventured in 6 continents and over 25 countries. Got wanderlust? Let’s compare notes!



Community Operations Manager


UCSB – Linguistics & Spanish

Work History

Fraud Management at Coinbase / First Hire to Airbnb’s Safety Team, helping to scale and train the team to 24/7 and international support.

Describe Your Current Role

You can regularly find me collaborating with our Marketing and Operations team to ensure we are driving processes and influencing product improvement decisions that deliver seamless services to our rider and driver-partners. On my team, we work hard to ensure that all support agents are fully prepared to provide the highest quality of support, worldwide.

What has been your favorite project?

Assisting with Spanish support, both in the US and Latin America! Here in San Diego, we have uberESPAÑOL. I am able to work with our fierce Marketing and Operations team to ensure our Spanish-speaking riders and driver-partners get the support they deserve.

Fun fact 

I’m half Chinese, half Irish, but am fluent in Spanish.

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