Partners Drive the Future of Work

Driver-partners are using the Uber platform in many ways, from earning a full-time income to supplementing their salaries at other jobs. There are more than 400,000 active driver partners in the United States, and they’ve earned over $3.5 billion so far in 2015. Fifty percent of drivers in the U.S. drive fewer than 10 hours per week and nearly 90% say they drive with Uber to be their own boss and set their own schedule.

Across the West Coast, Uber driver-partners have created more possibilities for riders to discover cities in a reliable, affordable way. Whether it’s getting someone home safely from a concert in Downtown LA or facilitating a meet-up with friends in SF’s Dolores Park — Uber partners have been there for us this year.

Get to know these drivers and their stories below.


Bonita, Hawthorne, CA

First, meet Bonita, a Hawthorne mom to a 13-year-old football star, who signed up to drive to gain the freedom of car ownership and spend more time with her family.

If you see Bonita on the road, make sure to ask her about her favorite memories growing up near Hollywood. You might be lucky enough to get one of her personal sightseeing tours.

Caitlin, San Diego, CA

Caitlin started fitGevity as a collection of resistance band exercises and resources and evolved into a lifestyle blog dedicated to staying fit while traveling. Today, she still offers resistance band exercises and resources, but with more of a focus on staying fit while traveling – how to workout, eat healthy, dealing with in-flight meals, and anything else travel related.

“Uber is great for me because I work non-traditional hours and it allows me the flexibility and ability to help me support my businesses.”

Learn more about Caitlin and UberENTREPRENEURS in San Diego.

Michele, Orange County, CA

The Cookie Lady Shop started as a hobby for driver-partner Michele. Soon she started looking into how she could set up a business that would allow her to sell her cookies and other baked items online.


“My favorite thing about being an entrepreneur is the opportunity to be in charge of my own destiny. The success of my business hinges on me and the amount of time and hard work I am willing to put into it.”

Learn more about Michele and UberENTREPRENEURS in Orange County.

#WomenMoveUs, Pacific Northwest

We sat down with a few inspiring women who drive with Uber on the side. Amy, a retired teacher and mother, drives to help support her very-own dog grooming business. Janet, an ex-paramedic and self-employed massage therapist, drives to keep her community safe when business is slow.

Beyond their contagious smiles, these women share a passion for pursuing what they love and being their own boss. It’s no wonder flexibility is the #1 reason these women drive with Uber.

Learn more about the women who move us in the PNW.

Jim, Honolulu, HI

Jim is a partner who founded Bokashi Bucket – an easy and clean home composting solution. The idea came to Jim after he taught his 7th-grade class about aquaponics and sustainability. He was inspired by the amazing impact it had on his students and the amount of interest generated.


Driving with Uber allowed Jim to hit business goals at a much quicker pace. Leveraging the flexibility and earnings from the Uber platform, Jim is able to invest more time in his other business and passion.

Learn more about part-time drivers in Hawaii.

Lawrence, Tacoma, WA

Driver-partner Lawrence owns, Knot Et Al, a custom furniture company in Tacoma. Larry has been working with wood for over 25 years. Look for his furniture at local craft fairs and online.


“I have been working with wood ever since I was a kid. I would use my dad’s tools and I loved building forts. I am doing what love to do and I get paid for it.”

Learn more about small business owners in Washington.

Jose, Glendale, CA

Driver-partner Jose moved to Los Angeles from Mexico to be closer to his family and seek new opportunities. While pursuing a college education was always something on his mind, Jose knew he needed to find a flexible earning opportunity that would allow him to attend school full-time.

Our driver-partners are as unique as our cities, driving full-time and part-time, on weekends and weekdays. Join them and drive toward your own goal today.

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