Why I Drive: Learn About Your East Bay Drivers

We recently announced that Uber is everywhere in the East Bay, with hundreds of thousands of trips taken so far this year.

This important milestone was made possible by our dedicated driver-partners in the East Bay. We couldn’t have done it without such an incredible group of people. They are your neighbors, your community leaders and your friends. We recently spoke with four of our East Bay partners to learn a bit more about them and why they drive.



“This could not be any more simple — or more fun.”

Hometown: Hercules
How long have you been driving with Uber? For 1.5 years now.
Why do riders love taking trips with you? I’m retired, so I love meeting new people. I’ll find new places to go to eat, and have great conversations with riders. People love sharing their stories, and so there is a lot of laughter in my car.
Favorite thing about driving with Uber? Getting to know the people, talking them and hearing their stories. They really are from different walks of life. I also love that both the driver and the rider are in the Uber system, so everyone feels safe.
Memorable stories? I once picked up a man from a Victorian house in Downtown Oakland. The rider told me he started a Victorian refurbishing company with his dad, after selling part of his company for $38 million. “All it takes is one good idea!” he told me. It was a very interesting story.
Where do you like to drive? Near Berkeley, because it’s the busiest there. I do a lot of airport runs, but prefer to stick in the East Bay.



“The people I pick up are just awesome and fun to talk with. Very friendly.”

Hometown: El Cerrito
Other employment? I’m a realtor, so I can go for awhile without closing a transaction. Being able to earn money with Uber is a great way to maintain income in between closing sales.
How long have you been driving with Uber? Two months.
Favorite thing about driving with Uber? People ask me about safety a lot, being a woman, and I feel like I have total control. I haven’t had one bad experience; people are upbeat, positive, and nice. I also love that riders love Uber. They love the convenience of it, and the people I pick up are just awesome and fun to talk with. Very friendly.
Favorite Neighborhood to drive in?I try to stick to the East Bay, in El Cerrito, Oakland, Berkeley, Albany and Emeryville. If I drop someone off in SF, I drive right back to the East Bay.



“My goal has always been to make sure people get home safely.”

Hometown: Alameda
How long have you been driving with Uber? Four months.
Other employment? I do graphic design all day for my own company, then I drive 5 hours after work. You’d think I’d be tired, but I’m energized because different energy is coming in and out of my car every night.
Favorite thing about driving with Uber? You learn something new with every person you pick up and drop off. People are very diverse, unique and smart.
Why do riders love taking trips with you? I have a black light as interior light, which all riders love. They also say they like the smell, and the music that is playing. But most of all, my goal is to get them from point A to point B safely. It’s not about the money; my goal has always been to make sure people get home safe.
What make Uber special? The beautiful thing about Uber is that everybody wins. The driver wins. The passenger wins. That’s why it works. Typically someone is losing something while the other person is winning, but Uber is one big cycle. Everyone is gaining.



“The number one thing is to have respect for every passenger that gets in my car.”

Hometown: Oakland
How long have you been driving with Uber? 8 months.
What makes Uber special? Uber is a godsend. The flexibility is amazing… the fact that I am an independent contractor is really awesome and gives me the ability to do what I want. I can take a week vacation, then work 2-3 weeks straight before taking another vacation.
Why do riders love taking trips with you? My first priority is to greet the person and respect them, then start a nice conversation. The number one thing is to have respect for every passenger that gets in my car.
Where do you like to drive? I prefer doing airport trips, but spend time all around the Bay Area. First Friday in Oakland is another place I always do trips to/from. I just enjoy helping riders get around the Bay.

Learn how Uber compares to driving jobs or sign up and start driving in SF today.

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