UC DAVIS, Puppies are arriving now! Copy

Oh, college. Those were the days! Finals week, though… that was always a very dark time.

We feel your pain, UC Davis students. Never fear, a furry, stress-relief solution is headed to your campus. This Sunday, puppies are on the way!



  • Download the Uber app for iPhone or Android
  • Between 12pm – 3pm on June 8, request the PUPPIES option via your app at UC Davis
  • If furry friends are available, you and your classmates will enjoy 20 minutes of play time
  • Please request PUPPIES outdoors — these woofers need room to play
  • There’s no cash required — though a $20 donation is suggested


We’re teaming up with the wonderful people at the Yolo County SPCA to bring you these playful pups. If you’re interested in adoption, speak to one of the representatives on-site. Even if you can’t take one home, we suggest a $20 donation — and we’ll match every dollar that’s contributed. Puppy handlers will be able to accept donations through the app.


Some of these puppies may be on your campus soon! Click on their names for puppy profiles.

 Yolo County SPCA Puppy Lineup:

[half_layout class=”GoogleVentures”]

I guess I’m named after my bubbly personality. If there’s a social event, you can count on me working the crowd. I’m a social butterfly, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love to stay in one place for the rest of my doggie days. Maybe that place is your backyard?

I’m a country pup trying to make it in the big city. So far, so good. I love mailmen, gnawing on sticks and watching an old-fashioned rodeo. Will you take me home and treat me with a little southern hospitality?

I recently won “most likely to tear the fluff out of a stuffed animal” at the YOLO County SPCA annual pageant. The trophy is currently in the back of my kennel, but I’d consider moving it to a new home.

When I’m snoozing and you see my little legs jerking around, that means I’m dreaming of chasing butterflies in a field, bunnies in a meadow, or after a frisbee thrown by you. I’m quite a catch!

Like you’d find in the wild, wild West — I’m a lone ranger. I play nice, but I don’t have a problem being the lead dog. I like to get dirty, but I’m happy to clean up my act and settle into your living room. We can just watch movies about riding horses and saving damsels in distress.

I’m the girl-next-door type. Long walks on the beach and letting me roll around in flower gardens are the way to my heart. You can definitely take me home to mom — I’m great with parents!



These puppies need homes, so share your furtastic photos on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #UberPUPPIES.


Don’t let that be the reason you’re kept on the leash. Download Uber and and enter the promotion code below for $20 off your first ride.

Use Promo Code:
Up to $20 off your first Uber ride! New users only, not valid on TAXI.

These cute little canines will be in very high demand, and availability will be limited. If you don’t get a snuggle partner on your first try, please be patient. We’ll be working all day to make sure puppies come to relieve some of that finals week stress.

So take your nose out of that biology book this Sunday; leave the library for 20 minutes — #UberPUPPIES are on the way.

– Team Uber SAC

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