Urijah Faber Enters the Octagon as Sac’s “Rider Zero”

Urijah Faber is Uber Sacramento's Rider Zero

Sacramento’s transportation scene has stepped up its game and entered a brand-new class of competition.

Just ask superstar mixed martial artist Urijah Faber. Urijah follows a strict training regimen, hardening his body as he prepares to face other fighters in intense physical combat. Luckily, he’s as smart as he is strong — and today, after clocking some hours at the gym, he pulled out his phone, opened the Uber app, and requested an on-demand private driver. It wasn’t long before the California Kid was whisked away in a Benz as Sacramento’s “Rider Zero.”

That’s right, Sacramento: secret Ubers are hitting the streets!

Sacramento Screenshot

We’re still in testing phase, so please be aware that availability might be limited until our official launch. Pretty soon, though, you’ll be able to leave those car keys at home on a Friday night and let us be your designated driver. We’ll be adding more Ubers every day, tweaking and perfecting until we get things just right. Download the app for iPhone or Android, or go to m.uber.com to request a car.

We want to hear from you! If you have any questions, suggestions, feedback, or fun stories to share, reach out via supportsac@uber.com or @Uber_Sac.

Stay strong and Uber on,

The Uber Sacramento Team

PS: @UrijahFaber has a big fight on Feb 23. Wish him luck (not that he needs it)!

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