uberPOOL now cheaper for commuters all over San Francisco

When we launched uberPOOL a little over a year ago, the idea was simple: match riders with others nearby going along a similar route. We would get more cars off the road, increase efficiency, and lower prices for everyone. It is always hard to predict how a simple idea and concept would work in practice. After a little over a year since launching uberPOOL in San Francisco, we have learned a lot and implemented app updates, tried out promotions, and even experimented with longer routes.

Most importantly, however, we have noticed an overarching trend for San Francisco: our riders love to use uberPOOL for commuting to and from work. In fact, of the thousands of POOL trips happening every day, nearly a third of all uberPOOL trips happen during commuter hours (Monday through Friday, 7-10AM, 5-8PM) and the most popular time for uberPOOL requests are weekdays around 6 PM.

uberPOOL Demand by Hour


That is why today we are excited to announce that uberPOOL will now be even cheaper for commuters all over San Francisco. We are investing in the commuting trend and doubling down on offering the steepest uberPOOL discounts during commuting hours when San Franciscans ride most.

“As we deal with significant congestion on our streets, people need affordable options to get around town. Car-pooling, including ride share carpools, are an important, efficient, and affordable way for people to move around town without having to own a car.”
– Scott Wiener, San Francisco Supervisor

Instead of focusing on only one area of town, we are excited to deliver the cheapest Uber prices during commuting hours all over the 7 X 7. Now, all San Franciscans choosing uberPOOL will get their price up front after inputting their destination.

Average Fares
Monday – Friday
7am – 10am, 5pm – 8pm

Popular Commutes uberX Fare New POOL Fare
Marina to FiDi $14.60 $5.75
Caltrain to FiDi $9.50 $4.90
Inner Richmond to SoMa $15.30 $10.10
Western Addition to Downtown $9.50 $4.90

The new uberPOOL pricing will provide up to 75% off uberX fares, which means most of our riders will experience even cheaper prices than the current $7 cap during their commute. For example, the average fare for commuters traveling from the Marina to FiDi will be paying around $5.50 during these busy hours. For those traveling from the Peninsula on CalTrain, the last leg of their trip on uberPOOL to FiDi will average around $5 .

Our goal is to make it cheaper for commuters to share a ride rather than drive themselves and this is an exciting and deliberate investment in making uberPOOL an affordable commuting option for more of the city’s residents.

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